It’s all about “Jihadi cool”

That’s what the AP headline wants to leave us with in attempting to explain why five DC/Northern Virginia immigrant young men gave up promising lives to train for Jihad in Pakistan (see previous post here).  It’s a long story at Fox News (thanks to Blulitespecial for sending it) that like so many similar stories skirts the real issue—the Koranic imperative to fight Jihad.

As I said it’s long, but here is one little bit that made me laugh.  This is really reaching!  It’s the Washington, DC made me do it excuse.

In this instance, Khan (Saeed Khan, a specialist in Islam who teaches at Wayne State University in Michigan) thinks the young men’s close proximity to the nation’s capital also could have influenced them.

“They feel a certain helplessness that, despite this proximity, they are disenfranchised from helping end the perceived violence against fellow Muslims thousands of miles away,” he says.

Maybe they could get some homemade signs and go demonstrate against the Obama Administration, if they are such frustrated Americans.   But, I guess the Koran never talked about that sort of Jihad and it’s not as cool as killing people.