EEEEK! More evidence that the climate refugee campaign is on

Update December 7th:  Dire warnings of climate “refugees” opens the show in Copenhagen, here.  And, LOL!, Saudi Arabia is calling for an investigation into “climategate.”  Of course, they have a lot at stake besides the bucks they make from fossil fuels, they might be forced to open their borders to flooded Yemeni Shia Muslims (yuk!).

I assume after seeing my post on climate refugees yesterday the producer of a new documentary film entitled  (what else!),  “Climate Refugees,” has alerted us to plans to show the film (official UN screening no less) on December 14th in Copenhagen.  I guess it’s way too late for Refugees International to put the genie back in the bottle on the use of the word “refugee.”  But, can you blame the leftwing organizers of the latest scare-the-West campaign?   The word ‘refugees’ sure beats ‘environmentally displaced persons’ if one has to whip world leaders and other so-called smart people into a frenzy to demand new international laws.  Oh, and lest you are confused these won’t be laws to protect you from the third world hordes, these will be laws about all the stuff you evil Capitalists in the West will be giving the masses.

Open this and be greeted by a film marquee designed to frighten your pants off with this caption.

To the residents of America…

Within the next few years millions of people are going to have to leave their homes because changes in the world’s climate will destroy the basis of their livelihoods.

That’s right, and they will be coming to your town and helping themselves to your frig and probably your daughters too!

I shouldn’t be joking about this because the scariest part of all is that these people might actually succeed in further destroying any national sovereignty left in the world.  Although (LOL!) I challenge them to tell Saudi Arabia to open its borders to those evil Yemenis who will be swarming north out of Yemen as the Arabian Sea rises!

December 7th:  I want to be clear.  I do think hordes of third-worlders will be attempting to get into western countries in a very big way in coming years, but not because of global warming.  Failing Marxist and Muslim governments and high birth rates among those from places like Bangladesh, Yemen and Somalia will be to blame.  The politically correct won’t be able to give that real reason, so they have latched onto global warming so they can continue to blame first world countries.

Migration Policy Institute: great resource for immigration statistics

The other day when I was telling you about the Top Ten Migration Stories of the year from MPI, I came across this article in their Migration Information Source section of the website.  It is a great piece of work that everyone interested in refugees and immigrants should bookmark for future reference entitled, “Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States.”

Here is just a tiny sample of the information they have collected.

What are the top five states in terms of the number of immigrants, share of immigrants in the total state population, absolute growth, and percent growth between 1990 and 2000 and between 2000 and 2008?

In 2008, the top five US states by the number of immigrants were California (9,859,027), New York (4,236,768), Texas (3,887,224), Florida (3,391,511), and Illinois (1,782,423).

When classified by the share of immigrants in the total state population, the top five states in 2008 were California (26.8 percent), New York (21.7 percent), New Jersey (19.8 percent), Nevada (18.9 percent), and Florida (18.5 percent).

Between 1990 and 2000, the five states with the largest absolute growth of the immigrant population were California (2,405,430), Texas (1,375,206), New York (1,016,272), Florida (1,008,227), and Illinois (576,786).

Between 2000 and 2008, the five states with the largest absolute growth of the immigrant population were California (994,772), Texas (987,582), Florida (720,683), New York (368,635), and Georgia (333,200).

Between 1990 and 2000, the five states with the largest percent growth of the immigrant population were North Carolina (273.7 percent), Georgia (233.4 percent), Nevada (202.0 percent), Arkansas (196.3 percent), and Utah (170.8 percent).

However, between 2000 and 2008, the five states with the largest percent growth of the immigrant population were South Carolina (68.2 percent), Georgia (57.7 percent), Tennessee (56.3 percent), Nevada (55.0 percent), and Mississippi (51.7 percent).

For future reference you will find this post linked in our ‘where to find information’ category, here.

Somali crime story of the day, this time in Canada

I was only joking the other day when I said we should have a new feature—Somali crime story of the day!   I didn’t really expect to find three stories in 3 days!  I saw this one last night but was too tired to post it then.  It is from Edmonton, Canada where the eighth Somali youth has been found dead in what is believed to be drug-related gang violence.

A 23-year-old man shot in the head Sunday afternoon as he sat in the driver’s seat of a car has been identified as Robleh Ali Mohamed .

He was known to police but they won’t disclose any others details.

Acting homicide section Staff Sgt. Dan Collins said police are trying to find witnesses to the midday murder but haven’t had much luck.

Mohamed was the eighth young man from the Somalian community to be killed in city in the past 16 months. Collins would not say whether any of them were linked to each other or to Mohamed’s death.

“We need individuals, whether they are of Somali descent or not, to come forward to the police,” he said.

Police believe it took 30 minutes after the murder for them to the called Sunday, even though there were witnesses.

Note that no one in the “Somali Community” is talking except this Somali radio talk show host who wants everyone to know that not all the cases involved gangs and drugs.

The police gangs and drugs section has been brought in to help investigate the homicide.

Jaamac Jaamac, who hosts a Somali radio show in Edmonton, said it’s important to know that not all of the Somali homicide victims have had ties to the drug trade.

I wonder how many Somali refugees and asylum seekers Canada has allowed to resettle in Canada!  Does anyone know?

By the way, I told you about this Somali gang violence in Canada over a year ago (here)—the Somali community was blaming the police for not doing enough to keep their kids out of trouble (yeh, right!).

Canada: Muslim jailed for threats of honour murder against daughter seen as ‘hero’

That’s the title blogger Grace has given to her post at Vlad Tepes blog on a legal case involving a threat of honor killing in Canada.  I’m going to add this important blog to our blogroll.

This is what Grace says regarding the article in the Ottawa Citizen about jailed cab driver,Yusef Al Mezel, an Iraqi refugee, who threatened his daughter and remains a political big shot in a Canadian cabbie union.

Maybe I need to get out more, but I don’t know any average father who has ever threatened his daughter with violence and murder. I also don’t know any average father who would toss his daughter down a flight of stairs, beat her, taunt her with vile language, follow her, send her menacing letters or threaten that male members of his extended family carry out an honour murder against her. I also don’t know any average father who would consider his daughter a shame because she chooses to exercise free choice over her own life.

Then Grace and I had the same reaction to the Ottawa Citizen report.

But perhaps the most important aspect of this story and the one we should pay closest attention to and understand fully, comes from Al-Mezel’s own parole officers assessment; that his interest and hard work in the Muslim community lies not in the religious, but in the political. It is this doctrinal, political system called Islam that his daughter has had a complete understanding of and from which, she has fled.

Use our search function to read about the many cases of honor killings by Muslim immigrants we have reported.  Most recently I reported on a USA Today story about how the evil practice is on the rise in the US, here.   I had remarked how surprised I was that a major mainstream publication would even print such a story and sure enough I gather from Jihad Watch, here, that USA Today is under attack by Islamists and Leftists for writing about it.

I continue to be perplexed about why Union types (with a far left political orientation) would defend brutality against women.  I always thought the far left defended women’s rights!  See our recent discussion on that topic here.