Saudi war with Yemen continues, Somalis involved somehow

Update December 6th:  Jerry Gordon at New English Review has an update on this story today.  All I can say is I hope the US government just lets these Muslims fight it out among themselves!

This is a story that sure isn’t appearing in any widespread way in the media, but we told you about it here recently.   Saudi Arabia, a hardline Sunni country, is trying to make sure that  none of those riff-raff—Shia Muslims from Yemen—get into Saudi territory.  This is one more news account, but I was interested to see that Somalis (Muslims too) were taken as prisoners.  What is up with that?  Are they refugees caught in the crossfire or are they fighting with the Yeminis? 

Saudi Arabia says it has captured a strategic mountain area near its border with Yemen from Yemeni Shia rebels.

Saudi forces detained about 150 Ethiopians and Somalis as prisoners of war as they cleared the area, Saudi Arabia’s deputy defence minister said.

The Houthi rebels denied that the area, which is known as Jabal al-Dood or Jabal Mudood, had been taken.

They also said they had no connection with the Somalis and Ethiopians who had been taken prisoner.

My point in raising the issue is to further demonstrate the lie that Muslim charity toward refugees is the historical underpinning of the refugee program as the UNHCR told us here.   I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the UNHCR to step in and demand the Saudis not mistreat the poor persecuted Somalis and Ethiopians they have captured.  Readers let me know if you see that news story!

Oh, and one more thing, I guess this means that Saudi Arabia has not bought into the United Nations and Far Leftwing concept of a borderless world.

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