More details on that Somali rips-off Somalis in San Diego story

I first told you about this ponzi scheme case here, but here is a more detailed accounting of the same story.  My question is, how on earth did Somali refugees who have been in the US for less than 5 years have millions of dollars to invest with this fellow refugee.  Check out Omar, his initial investment was $10,000 and the next year he came up with $70,000!

Omar, a Somali refugee who arrived in San Diego in 2004, said he learned of the opportunity from worshippers and trusted leaders of the tiny Al-Ansar mosque in City Heights. They assured him that the investment offerings were legitimate and profitable. After all, they’d been promptly receiving their promised payments each month.

So in late 2006 Omar invested an initial $10,000. During the next year, he said he turned over $70,000. More than half came from his personal savings. He borrowed $30,000 from friends and family to become a partner in what the businessman touted as the expansion of his small but highly profitable financial services and money transfer firm.

In mid-2008, payouts slowed. Then, Omar said, they stopped altogether. Omar said he was suspicious but accepted assurances that business would pick up. He gave the businessman money to help open and run a money transfer store in San Jose. When the businessman didn’t show up to a scheduled meeting there, Omar said, he decided to call authorities.

Early last month, he called the Securities and Exchange Commission. After a preliminary investigation, the SEC filed a civil suit accusing Mohamud Ahmed, a Somali immigrant who lives in Spring Valley, of securities fraud.

SEC officials allege that Ahmed lulled Omar and scores of other Somali refugees from City Heights, Seattle, and other cities to turn over more than $3 million to fund a multi-year pyramid scheme.

I guess the lure of easy money overcame any religious convictions the Muslims might have had!  Makes you wonder if some of those Islamic requirements might have some built-in flexibility—use them only when required to make demands on non-Muslims, is that how it goes?  

Traditional Islamic law prohibits trading in risk or the payment or acceptance of interest. So when an assemblage of mosque worshippers gathered in an apartment to hear an investment pitch, Omar said, some were concerned about whether it was in keeping with their faith.

“They said it was OK because there was no risk,” Omar said. Both Omar and the SEC say Ahmed told recruits he had never lost money while investing.

There is lots more, read it all.

I’m thinking the Somalis in Columbus, Ohio might claim the second highest Somali population behind Minneapolis.  And, then Seattle is right up there too, but here San Diego is claiming the distinction.

San Diego’s Somali community is the second largest in the country, with an estimated 15,000 to 25,000 refugees who have settled here since the early 1990s.

For new readers :

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.  That specific program has not yet been reopened, but will be soon.  Nevertheless, thousands of Somalis continue to be resettled as I write this.

The biggest story of 2009: the emergence of the Virtual Newsroom

Jeffrey Lord writing at the American Spectator today chronicles the demise of the media as we have known it and announces the story of the year—the rise of the virtual newsroom.  It’s a lengthy but thought-provoking poke in the face to the mainstream media and the progressives and liberal ideas they have promoted throughout my lifetime. I still seethe when I think how the American public (including me) was duped about the Vietnam War and how the far left and Walter Cronkite are responsible for the hell-hole of a Communist Vietnam today.

After giving us some historical background on how the old media controlled the news and promoted a progressive (left wing/socialist whatever you want to call it) political and cultural agenda, how conservatism crept in and how the conservative virtual newsroom is in its ascendancy, he wraps up with this:

[Progressives] accustomed to velvet-gloved treatment from their progressive buddies in the Old Media, they simply never factored the existence of the Virtual Newsroom into the equation.

Newsflash to progressives. The Virtual News room is here to stay. Not only is it not going away — in spite of whatever shenanigans may be going on behind the closed doors of the FCC — it is gaining in both size and strength.

And gaining in something else that simply terrifies progressive activists everywhere: the power to seriously influence events.

Which is why, when all is said and done by December 31, it is already clear that the story of the year in 2009 is not President Obama, health care, Iraq or even Tiger Woods.

The story of 2009 is the emergence of a new and powerful player increasingly dominating American politics, culture, education, religion and who knows what else.

That player is the media that is the Virtual Newsroom. And the conservatives who run it.

We are proudly a tiny part of that Virtual Newsroom where the progressives’ ‘presumption of good intentions’ relating to immigration is no longer automatically left unchallenged!

Another refugee homeless in Greensboro, NC

This time it’s a Montagnard man as reported by “Chosen Fast” a blog for the homeless in NC:

On 11/28/2009, the News & Record ran a story about a homeless refugee in Greensboro, quoting State Refugee Coordinator Marlene Myers: “It may be the first case like this.” But it’s probably not. [My post on the Burmese homeless man is here.]

Four days earlier, on 11/24/2009, a Greensboro police sergeant had contacted the state agency (and others, including me), seeking direction on how to help a (different) homeless refugee.

“…The City has received complaints about him sleeping there. We hope to get him some help rather than resort to arresting him for trespassing under the bridge…”

On 12/02/2009, a state rep responded, confirming that the man was a Montagnard refugee, and had received resettlement assistance from 2002-2004. She also offered contact info for a group that had worked with the man previously, but by the time she sent her email, the (concerned and resourceful) sergeant already had help on the scene.

This blog, Chosen Fast, looks like a very useful resource. I note in the sidebar that the Salvation Army is giving away free coats.  Gee, I wonder if any “social justice” groups are complaining about that!

Vamos Unidos USA goes after the Salvation Army

You just can’t win with socialist immigration agitators.  The Salvation Army is under fire for asking for identification as it gives out toys to needy children in the holiday season.  Here is the latest attack from Los Angeles by a shady little group called Vamos Unidos USA which implies that the ID requirement is a plot to ferret out illegal aliens.

A national immigrants rights group expressed concern Wednesday over a toy-distribution policy by the Salvation Army which it said could discourage some needy immigrant families from seeking free holiday presents.

Salvation Army officials in Los Angeles say they have long required families of children who receive free toys to present identification when they register to take part in the giveaways, as a means of preventing double-dipping. But a similar policy in Houston – in which Social Security numbers were requested – recently caused some misunderstandings and accusations that the group was checking immigration status.

Members of Vamos Unidos USA say that while they haven’t seen a similar trend in Los Angeles, they want to stop it from happening anywhere and discourage the Salvation Army and other charities from asking for any form of identification that suggests the recipient could face possible discrimination.

“The fact the Salvation Army and some of the other charities have the same policy, the fact that they did not come out from the get-go and say their whole intent to ask for identification was to prevent fraud, led us to believe that there was more to the story,” said, Juan Jose Gutierrez, president of Vamos Unidos USA.

The Salvation Army doesn’t care what sort of ID is used, they just want to be sure that as many kids as possible get toys!

“The reason we ask for some form of documentation is we have limited resources and we want to make sure that more toys get to more children,” he said. “We want to make sure families who register in one part of town don’t register in another part of town. We don’t have enough toys. We don’t want one child to have seven toys, we want seven children to have a toy each.”

Here is what I don’t get, do these socialist groups like Vamos Unidos think that when they have gotten rid of all private initiative/charity and everything is run by the government that they will get more breaks and opportunities for ‘their people?’ 

Who the heck is Vamos Unidos anyway?   Searching around just now I see they are not a legitimate 501(c)3 organization or they would be in Guidestar.  I found this website for a group by that name—apparently they demand rights for street vendors and NYC is a prime area for their ‘work.’  By the way, wasn’t that Pakistani guy who was arrested on terrorism charges a few months back a street vendor?  I wonder if the Vamos folks know the DRUM community organizers?  Sure they do, here  they are listed together as part of “Communities organizing for Justice.”   Readers, you might want to keep this list handy—a useful guide to who’s who among the socialist community organizing immigrant groups.    It includes some groups we have written about previously including the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.


Here is more evidence they are part of the socialist movement—they are given funding by RESIST.  Check out this site for an organization that came out of the anti-war movement in the ’60’s, it is an eye-opener. 

Now, check out RESIST’s latest available Form 990 .   Their grantees are listed near the end of the tax return and it will give you a good idea of the number and variety of far left/social justice groups operating in your cities.   Also, they listed their top three donors and one is surprise surprise (not!)—the Tides Foundation.

Next time you see a little article like this one—immigrant group questions Salvation Army—and think it’s just a group of immigrants acting spontaneously, look deeper.  Immigrant activists are well-connected socialists working to “change” America for the worse!

Another thought a short while later:  I wonder if this attack on the Salvation Army is payback for their refusal to go along with the National Association of Evangelicals on amnesty, here.