National Association of Evangelicals: less than truthful!

Update October 24th:  Here is Roy Beck on the revelation that only 25% of the NAEs members signed on to their Senate testimony.

Don’t you just love it when a bunch of ‘holier-then-thous’ pontificate about moral issues and then turn out to be a sack of liars. (Whatever happened to not bearing false witness?)  It sure looks like that is what is going on with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).  I told you about them  about 10 days ago when they testified in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens and led Congress and the sycophant media to believe they represented over 30 million people.

According to Mark Tooley writing at American Spectator, they don’t.  What they didn’t say at the time of their testimony is that only 11 of the 40 member groups of the NAE endorsed the policy:

The NAE website shows only 11 of NAE’s over 40 member denominations endorsing the immigration stance. And only 11 individuals are signers, though reportedly 75 NAE board members voted for it.

This honest (not!) Christian pastor testifed to Congress that there was no dissent in coming up with the policy position:

NAE’s president, Minnesota megachurch pastor Leith Anderson, unveiled NAE’s new advocacy earlier this month to the U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship.

This next paragraph gave me great relief because the Salvation Army is one of the few charities my family still supports and I was so disappointed to see them taking the open borders/pro-amnesty postion as part of the NAE.  I am glad it wasn’t true.

Still, Anderson proclaimed that NAE’s board had voted with “no dissent” for the pro-CIR stance. Unmentioned was that evidently some NAE board members had abstained, including the Salvation Army. “Please know that Salvation Army leadership chose to abstain from signing the final resolution on immigration reform,” reported an Army spokesman. “While the [NAE] news releases did not report this specifically, the fact remains that any resolution produced by the National Association of Evangelicals does not automatically become the official policy of a member organization (ie: The Salvation Army) unless they choose to make it so. In this case, The Salvation Army chose not to adopt the resolution nor will it become our stance on immigration reform. In actuality, The Salvation Army has never established any official position on this topic and has chosen to remain politically neutral on the matter.”

Dear Salvation Army, get out of this group of radical leftists where the ends justify any means (even lying!).

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