Five arrested in Pakistan may be DC-Five

Update December 12th:  Robert Spencer is chuckling at Jihad Watch as American Muslim leaders ponder where on earth the DC-Five got their jihad ideas, here.

Update December 10th:   The DC-Five admit Jihad plans and are cooperating with Pakistani authorities, here.   And, Jerry Gordon writing at New English Review has more information and discusses immigration fraud and jihadists, here.  I thought once Bush was out of office all this was supposed to stop?  More here from McClatchy.

Here is a story from Fox News at midday today, thanks to Blulitespecial, that suggests five “Americans” arrested in Pakistan today may be the five reported missing from the DC area.   When you read this, don’t fall off your chair laughing about CAIR saying they might have misinterpreted the Koran—give me a break!  Note the “Americans” are Pakistani, Yemeni and Egyptian.  I wonder which of our many generous immigration programs they availed themselves of to become American citizens.

Five men who recently went missing from around the nation’s capital were arrested Tuesday during a raid in Pakistan, according to an official with the Pakistani embassy in Washington.

The official said that the men, all U.S. citizens, are being held by Pakistani police while authorities look into possible links to extremist groups.

The FBI recently launched an investigation into the five young men after their families and the Council on American-Islamic Relations notified the FBI of the disappearances, according to CAIR.

During a press conference Wednesday afternoon, CAIR officials said the men had left behind an 11-minute video, which the officials said “disturbed” them and misinterpreted verses of the Koran.

At least one of the missing men can be seen in the video, according to the CAIR officials.

U.S. authorities believe the men, 19 to 25 years old, went to Pakistan to join a terrorist group, one U.S. official said.

Hours after FOX News reported on the FBI investigation Tuesday night, Pakistani sources disclosed that five people had been arrested during an anti-terror raid on a house in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

One of those arrested is of Egyptian descent, another is of Yemeni descent, and the others are of Pakistani descent, the Pakistani official in Washington said.

Kind of reminds us of the Somali refugee youths heading back to Africa to join the Jihad.

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