Somali guilty in Maine: Home healthcare fraud AND immigration fraud

I am convinced that somewhere in Africa they teach fraud school!  And, this guy was awarded a Masters Degree! We first told you about the arrest of Mohdi Ali aka Mahdi Alio in 2009, here.  I had a laugh at the time that the entire article never mentioned the words Somali or Somalia as some […]

Toulouse terror attack: the final straw for some on European immigration question

Anti-immigration rally in Denmark Saturday. This is an AP story published at The Blaze (Hat tip: Susan): LONDON (AP) — An al-Qaida-inspired gunman kills paratroopers and Jewish children in southern France. A far-right fanatic enraged by Muslim immigration guns down dozens of youths at a summer camp in Norway. Two atrocities in the space of […]

Idaho refugees get federal grants to start businesses

Your tax dollars! First, it is well-established that Idaho has a refugee overload problem.  We most recently told you about it here. Then in what seems to be a pattern, what I call fluffy-puffy (refugees see first snow!) stories about refugees and their previous hard lives from which they had to “flee” (popular word in […]

Push is on for European Union to fund more refugee resettlement to certain countries

….but, I thought the EU was broke? I wish I had time to look more thoroughly through all the documents about this plan, but in the meantime here is the news from European Parliament News: The EU takes in only 4,500 out of the 200,000 refugees that need resettling in the world each year, but […]

Somali sex trafficking trial delayed in Nashville

If you were planning to try to get a seat in the courtroom this week for one of the biggest trials in Tennessee history, you will have to wait until next week. According to the AP published at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the trial has been delayed a week to allow defense attorneys time to […]

Canada: Diversity is beautiful alert—how-to book on wife beating

I’m not singling out Canada, we probably have this book available in the US as well.  Funny, I don’t see Sandra give-us-free-birth control Fluke and the “women of the 99%” speaking out about Muslim misogyny.  Why? This is why: (Click here). From the Toronto Sun: The 160-page book, published by Idara Impex in New Delhi, […]

Obama says yes to MORE “temporary” refugees—Syrians

Thanks to a reader for sending this, I had missed it yesterday. The Obama Administration has agreed to let Syrians who are in the US now for any reason—students, tourists, illegal aliens, etc—stay basically forever.  They call it “Temporary” Protected Status and we told you that Non-profits (which will surely get something financial out of […]

France on its knees

A couple of weeks ago I reported on the upcoming French Presidential election that truly is pivoting on the issue of immigration—Muslim immigration. Of course readers know what horrible atrocities just occurred in France.  I wish I could put my hands on the link, but early-on, before we learned that a Muslim terrorist who had […]

Pew: Foreign-born workers getting jobs, not so much for Americans

The Federation for American Immigration Reform reports the following in its end of the week wrap-up: The Pew Hispanic Center has released a new report that found that “Foreign-born workers are…experiencing a faster rate of growth in employment than native-born workers.” This continues a trend that began at the start of the economic “recovery” in […]

Greensboro, NC refugee activist visits Jordan IOM office, more Iraqis please

A couple of days ago I came across this column written by Raleigh Bailey about his recent visit to the International Organization for Migration office in Jordan.  Among other things he appears to have been interested in the slow flow of Iraqis to the US.  You get a feeling from his piece that he laments […]