Fishy Somali deportation story in Lewiston, ME

I could almost not believe my eyes when I read this story from the Somali capital of Maine.  A judge has ordered the deportation of an apparently law abiding Somali man and his family—ostensibly back to SOMALIA.  What the heck!  We don’t deport to Somalia, we don’t even deport criminal Somalis back to that hell hole.

I’ve written many times on these pages about Canada, for instance, deporting to Somalia, but we don’t.  As a matter of fact, you know the guy I call the Somali Jesse Jackson Omar Jamal (search him here to see what I mean)?  He was found guilty of immigration fraud in Tennessee a number of years ago and we never deported him.  We let him run around the country freely doing his defense of all things Somali.

I’m guessing the plan to deport cafe owner—Mahamed Mahamud—from Lewiston to Somalia is an Obama administration (ICE) strategy to bring sympathy to Somalis illegally here in the US.   Obama is building his case for amnesty.   Or, there is a lot more we don’t know about Mohamud and the court does.

From the Sun Journal (hat tip: Susan):

LEWISTON — Three One Cafe, a popular Lisbon Street restaurant, is closing March 31 because owner Mahamed Mahamud faces deportation, he said.

Mahamud said he was never granted asylum, and closing the business he opened in 2008 at 259 Lisbon St. will allow him time to make plans to take his family back to Somalia.

He and his wife, Shukri Ali, have three children, ages 14, 8 and 4. The two younger children were born here and are U.S. citizens. The oldest child and the parents are not.

Mahamud and his family came to Lewiston in 2002. In 2003, a judge denied them asylum, he said, which meant he could not get a green card to work toward citizenship. The judge did grant a temporary work permit or visa, Mahamud said. He has renewed the work permit a number of times, but he is now being told he must leave, he said.

Read it all—a story written to garner sympathy.

By the way, the Saudis can’t stand the illegal alien Somalis and against the objections of the UN, the Saudis (their Muslim co-religionists) just drop off unwanted Somalis into Mogadishu, here.