Phyllis Schlafly writes about my presentation at Constitutional Coalition conference

Phyllis Schlafly

Her article appears at (thanks to Paul for letting us know) and also at World Net Daily.

Go here to to see what I said on my recent trip to St. Louis.

Asked if I really meant that last line:

“We can survive terrorism. We can’t survive migration.”

Yes, I absolutely do mean it!  While we watch the ‘shiny object’—Islamic terrorism—we aren’t paying attention to the Hijra: Modern Day Trojan Horse!

And, I also meant the last line I said on Fox & Friends last week:

I also think that immigration is our existential threat in this country, both [because of] the numbers and who we are bringing in.

Over a year ago, Schlafly published a stunning report at Eagle Forum on how the millions of immigrants pouring into the country would destroy the Republican Party (among other things).  We told you about it here when we posted on an Ann Coulter column on the report.

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