Radical open borders group, the US Chamber of Commerce and Lutherans prove my point

Legal immigration and jobs….

Yesterday I began (with a post about Tyson Foods and cheap captive labor) what will surely be a series of posts on immigration and jobs.  And, sure enough, right out of the box comes this story about the hard Left open borders political group, Immigration Policy Center (a benign-sounding George Soros enterprise) joining forces with the US Chamber of Commerce to push for more immigration and it’s all cheered on with a big fat wet kiss from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) (like those fancy digs!) which will be paid by you (the taxpayer) to help all the job seekers “nest” (that is their euphemism for helping the new immigrants tap into social services).  LIRS will then serve to put a “humanitarian” patina on the whole big business/big money enterprise.

Here is the story making the rounds yesterday:

BALTIMORE, Feb. 29, 2012 — /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Humanitarian refugee resettlement benefits American businesses and communities, a fact made clear yesterday at a joint US Chamber of Commerce and Immigration Policy Center (IPC) event to promote their new report,  “Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Creating Jobs and Strengthening the Economy.”

Refugees make up nearly a third of the case studies in the new report, which was authored by the Immigrant Learning Center (ILC) Public Education Institute as a joint effort of the Chamber and the Immigration Policy Center of the American Immigration Council.

“Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service welcomes this recognition by the Chamber and its partners that humanitarian refugee resettlement creates economic gains,” said LIRS Vice President for Mission Advancement Stacy Martin, who attended the event at the Chamber’s Washington, DC headquarters.

“The need for a careful study of immigrants’ role in job creation has never been more relevant.,” Randy Johnson, the Chamber’s senior vice president for labor, immigration, and employee benefits and former LIRS Board member, notes in the forward to the Chamber’s newly-released report. “The report… demonstrates how these immigrant businesses create jobs for US workers and contribute to America’s economic growth.”

Read it all.  They couch it all in terms of how great it is that immigrants open businesses, but they don’t tell you about the huge government racket in micro-loans and other lending products geared toward immigrants (when is that bubble going to burst?).   Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not against business and people making money, my problem is twofold—that it is being done with your money (remember the billion bucks per year, here) and that they are lying to you.

Stop pretending that helping refugees and immigrants is all about helping the downtrodden and tell the truth that immigrants fill the Lutherans’ pockets (via the taxpayer) and the Chamber wants cheap labor for the big boys in industry and the George Soros gang wants reliable Democrat voters.

An afterthought:  I posted this a few minutes ago and then decided to have a look at LIRS most recent Form 990, here. Are you ready to throw-up!  Out of an annual gross income that recent year of $40 million, $38 million came from you in the form of government grants.  Salaries for the head honchos totaled a half million dollars.  So where is the ACLU and the separation of church and state that the Left is always screaming about?