Legal immigration and the jobs issue

I have so many links and bits of information that have come my way over the last few days about LEGAL immigration and jobs, that it’s too much to put in one post.  Additionally, I don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle either.  But, my basic thesis is that under the guise of doing the humanitarian thing, businesses are benefiting from the less expensive (and in many cases captive—refugees can’t get home!) immigrant labor to the detriment of unemployed American citizens.

Businesses benefit as well because for some categories of legal immigration (refugees and asylees) any meager salary the refugees receive is helped along by the welfare benefits the employee receives on the side.  So what if wages are low, the immigrant laborers get all sorts of other taxpayer-funded benefits

Federal refugee contractors benefit themselves by bringing in the labor (via the US State Department of course) and being paid to do so (by the taxpayer) all the while wearing the white hat of the do-gooder.  This isn’t a new theory of mine, it’s just that I plan to get to the bottom of it now.

Oh, and one more thing, certain big businesses use their connections to government to get this cheap immigrant labor and thus out-compete their competitors—it has a name, it is called “corporatism” —and it allows the hard Left (the Obama Administration) to work in concert with big business.

So, I’m making a new category called, “legal immigration and jobs,” and will begin writing posts for the category in hopes of eventually proving my thesis.

I am sick to death of the hypocrisy—that this is all about helping the downtrodden!  It is about money and political power, not the poor immigrant.

Although not related to refugees, to start things off, here is a link to an investigative piece on the HB visas which allow hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to enter the US each year.  This was on facebook this morning, hat tip Jackie.

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