Obama says yes to MORE “temporary” refugees—Syrians

Thanks to a reader for sending this, I had missed it yesterday. The Obama Administration has agreed to let Syrians who are in the US now for any reason—students, tourists, illegal aliens, etc—stay basically forever.  They call it “Temporary” Protected Status and we told you that Non-profits (which will surely get something financial out of it) and far Left Senators were lobbying for the designation.  Like the Salvadorans, the Liberians, and Somalis before them, they will never be required to leave the country.

Here is a short AP story on the decision:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Obama administration will allow Syrians in the United States to temporarily stay beyond the expiration of their visas and not deport those in the country illegally due to deteriorating conditions in their native country.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Friday that Syrians in the U.S. would be given temporary protected status because they would face “serious threats to their personal safety” if they were to return to Syria. She said details of the program, including eligibility requirements will be published early next week in the Federal Register.

Syrians in the U.S. have to apply for the status and must undergo a full background check before it is granted. Napolitano encouraged Syrians to apply but said they should not do until the notice is published.

Suicide.   I wonder sometimes if there were Romans who saw the end coming.