ANC: Too many foreigners in South Africa, new policy on refugees proposed

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Did you know that just earlier this year the African National Congress (ANC), the party of Nelson Mandela and the now ruling party of the “rainbow nation,” turned 100.   And, it was just last week that President Obama likened himself to Mandela saying it takes time for change, for peaceful change.  I wonder does Obama have any idea what the myth of the “rainbow nation” has come to in S. Africa?

Before I tell you the latest on the proposed crackdown on “refugees,” below are some of the promises the ANC makes to its citizens (no wonder “refugees” are pouring into the country).  Sounds a bit like a bunch of commies wrote this:

* The people shall govern
* All national groups shall have equal rights
* The people shall share in the country`s wealth
* The land shall be shared among those who work it
* All shall be equal before the law
* All shall enjoy equal human rights
* There shall be work and security
* The doors of learning and culture shall be opened
* There shall be houses, security and comfort
* There shall be peace and friendship

Who wouldn’t run to a country with promises like that!  Now to reality….

We reported recently that white South Africans are seeking asylum around the world, here.

And here is the latest news on South Africa trying to get its borders under control and deal with the  masses flowing into the country.   I love these delicious irony stories!  You didn’t hear this from any US media did you?

When “rainbow nation” mumbo jumbo hits reality

From the Mail & Guardian of S.Africa:

South Africa should take “robust steps” to refuse to grant refugee status to asylum seekers who have transited through one or more “safe” countries, according to the ANC policy discussion document released this week.

“Building appropriate relationships with other such countries, which are also signatories to the conventions on refugees and in particular our neighbours, is key to resolving this problem,” the document states in the chapter on home affairs. “The UN conventions on asylum seekers provide for the ‘first country’ rule, which states that an asylum seeker should seek refuge in the first safe country that he or she reaches.”

[This is international law—legitimate asylum seekers must ask for asylum in the first safe country—not hop around the world looking for the best deals.  As a matter of fact, most asylum seekers on our southern border have traversed through recognized safe countries in Central America and Mexico, yet we don’t turn them back.—ed]

Can you believe it?  Traffickers are moving people into the “rainbow nation:’

A combination of large numbers of asylum seekers, gaps in the law, weak systems and corruption has led to widespread abuse of an overloaded system by criminal syndicates that smuggle and traffic people, the document points out.

Just like Israel and other countries which don’t want to be destroyed, the ANC wants detention centers on its borders:

It suggests that asylum seekers who present a high risk must be accommodated in a secure facility until their status has been determined and that low-risk asylum seekers will be processed while they are assisted by various organisations.


The document claims that “refugee reception centres” will be relocated along the borders of South Africa, but suggests that a discussion is needed to ensure the home affairs department gets the support it needs to run and house these centres.

One thing that really bugs them (and it bugs me too) is this business of “refugees” who escaped “persecution” in their home country and then just bop back for a visit from time to time.  In the US we have large numbers of Somalis who regularly fly back to the supposed Islamic terrorist-filled country of Somalia to visit.  What is up with that?  Here the ANC suggests that if they leave and go “home” for a visit that they then be barred from re-entry to S. Africa (great idea!):

Among its concerns is that some refugees, including those still seeking asylum, tend to travel to their home countries for visits and return to South Africa. It is proposed that such people should be refused re-entry because they are flouting UN conventions and there is no evidence to show they have anything to fear in their home countries.

And, here is the kicker—give or take a few percentage points around the world—this is the truth!

“As a security department, home affairs will contribute to achieving two overriding goals: national security and public safety,” the document states. “The main challenge currently is that over 95% of those claiming asylum in South Africa are not genuine asylum seekers, but rather are looking for work or business opportunities.”

Read it all here.