Israel building border fences, detention facilities

As we have written in previous posts (archive here), Israel is struggling with large flows of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers largely from Africa.  Fearing the lose of their country, they are taking action.

From Breitbart:

Israeli planning authorities on Tuesday approved construction of a detention centre for illegal immigrants, at a projected cost of 250 million shekels ($67 million, 51 million euros), the defence ministry said.

The formal authorisation follows a November 2010 cabinet decision to build a facility for mostly African migrants smuggled across Israel’s borders but who for legal reasons cannot immediately be deported to their countries.


Israel is erecting a giant security barrier along its 240-kilometre (150 miles) border with Egypt’s Sinai peninsula and plans to put up a similar structure along its 238 kilometre (148 miles) frontier with Jordan.

Work on the Egypt barrier began a year ago, in a project initially aimed at stemming a growing tide of African migrants, as well as clamping down on cross-border trafficking in drugs and women.

Before you liberals get all worked up about an Israeli border fence keep in mind that the Saudis were way ahead of them with a state of the art border fence of their own (LOL! the Saudis want to keep those African Muslims out and aren’t shy about saying so!).

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