Kentucky: Iraqi terror suspect lied on refugee application

NO!  Imagine that!  He failed to tell the overseas processing entity in Syria that he was a member of a terrorist organization.

Readers, you know how this story began with the arrest of two suspected Iraqi refugee terrorists last summer, here.

One of the accused has already admitted he is guilty.

Now comes the latest on his accomplice, here, at the Bowling Green Daily News.  And, by the way, this failure to properly screen Muslim refugees is what has slowed the entire refugee resettlement program to a crawl in recent months.

An Iraqi refugee facing federal terrorism-related charges is now accused of falsifying information on refugee admission papers he filed in Syria in 2009 and on his application to register for permanent residence status that he filed in Bowling Green in 2010.

A federal grand jury in Bowling Green indicted Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, 24, of Bowling Green, on Wednesday in a superseding indictment adding the two perjury charges to 10 previous charges filed in May that accuse Hammadi and a co-defendant, Waad Ramadan Alwan, 30, also of Bowling Green, of attempting to provide material support and resources to terrorists in Iraq. Alwan pleaded guilty in December to all 23 charges against him. An April 3 sentencing date is set for Alwan.

The latest charges against Hammadi allege that he “denied having previously engaged in terrorist activity and having previously been a member of a terrorist organization,” according to Wednesday’s indictment.

How did they know he was lying?  They found his fingerprints on an IED used against American troops in Iraq, but only after we had let him live among us.

And, you can be sure he was receiving much more of America’s social safety net then the subsidized housing noted here:

Hammadi lived in Section 8, government-subsidized housing on Flanigan Court before his arrest. He entered the country in July 2009 in Las Vegas and moved to Bowling Green in December 2009.

So, he was first resettled in Nevada and then migrated to Bowling Green (to work in a chicken plant there? or to hook up with his fellow Iraqi terrorist?).

Fun with Numbers!  Have a look at the US State Department’s data base here.  First, look at the one for Iraqis since 2007.  We resettled 390 Iraqis in Nevada and 1,183 in Kentucky.  California got the most Iraqis since 2007—14,953!

Then scroll down and have a look at the data base on what nationalities went to what cities and towns.  Bowling Green (a meatpacking town) got 2,688 refugees from all over the world over the last ten years.  Las Vegas (where our Iraqi terror suspect was first resettled by a government contractor, maybe Catholic Charities, but I didn’t take time to look it up) received 3,876 refugees in ten years.

Readers, this is our 519th post on Iraqi refugees since July 2007, visit our Iraqi refugee archives here.