What happens when whites and Christians become the persecuted minorities?

Will the United Nations and the refugee industry be as eager to resettle them to America?  After all the conventional wisdom is that only white people are racists and the world is full of Islamophobes, but what about “Christophobes.”

This article in the Times Live (Johannesburg) about white South Africans increasingly seeking asylum around the world and an article recently in Newsweek by Ayaan Hirsi Ali got me thinking about all this again.

Here is news about how increasing numbers of Afrikaners, fearing for their safety in black-ruled South Africa, are seeking asylum around the world.

A South African family is desperate to remain in the US, its members claiming they cannot return home because, as Afrikaners, they will be subject to racial discrimination.

The family’s legal representative has been contacting US academics in a bid to get a scholarly opinion that would bolster the asylum application.

The family, described by the law firm as “white Afrikaner farmers”, is among dozens of South Africans who, over the past decade, have applied for asylum abroad for a range of reasons, including fear of persecution and violent crime. Some of the applications have been successful.

I had to laugh, it is so predictable, US “academics” quoted flatly deny there is any reason for whites to fear for their lives in South Africa—they are so desperately holding onto the “rainbow nation” myth created when apartheid ended and blacks came to power.  (Just type ‘rainbow nation’ into our search function and see the mess South Africa is in!).

As many as 800 whites seeking asylum!

Adriana Stuijt, a retired Dutch-born journalist who worked in South Africa, estimates that there are almost 800 South Africans living as refugees around the world.

Stuijt has a blog that monitors the number of refugees and is a member of the Afrikaner Rescue Action Fund, which was started in the Netherlands to help poor Afrikaner communities.

By the way, be sure to take note of how these white asylum seekers are being grilled in the US and consider how easy it was for this Rwandan woman to get into the US as a refugee and to become a citizen!

Christophobia indeed!

Then here is Nina Shea writing at National Review Online about a conspiracy of silence around the increasing persecution of Christians in Muslim countries.

Best-selling author, film director, women’s-rights advocate, former Dutch parliamentarian, Islamist death-threat survivor, refugee from a Somalian forced marriage, and a fierce champion of individual freedoms — that of others as well as her own — Ayaan Hirsi Ali has demonstrated her courage once more. In the cover story she penned for the current issue of Newsweek, entitled “The War on Christians,” which is excerpted in The Daily Beast, Hirsi Ali gives a tour d’horizon of the most politically incorrect subject of all human-rights reporting: the ongoing religious persecution of Christians in the Muslim world. It makes heartbreaking reading.

She criticizes the media for giving short shrift to this development, favoring instead the narrative that Muslims are the victims of religious persecution by the West. She writes:

But a fair-minded assessment of recent events and trends leads to the conclusion that the scale and severity of Islamophobia pales in comparison with the bloody Christophobia currently coursing through Muslim-majority nations from one end of the globe to the other.

The international media does report on the isolated anti-Christian atrocity: the Nigerian church that was blown up last Christmas, the Egyptian Coptic demonstrators killed for protesting religious persecution in October, and the 2010 Iraqi church bombing (the 70th documented church bombing in that country since 2003), which killed or maimed three priests and everyone else in it, to cite but a few examples. But it rarely looks at the global pattern, or even national patterns, and their significance.

Will we be seeing the refugee lobby in DC that includes contractors such as the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, World Relief, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and so forth clamoring to resettle persecuted Christians (instead of all the Muslims they resettle), or indeed say that white South Africans are worthy of their help—I doubt it!   Why? It doesn’t fit the narrative the international Left has so successfully established.