Hispanic thug who murdered refugee in Pennsylvania to stand trial

Diversity is strength, right!

We know his name is Enrique M. Ortiz and you can see his photo here at The Morning Call (charming looking, isn’t he?).  Hispanic alright but nowhere have I seen a report on where he is from, how he got here and what his immigration status is.

I told you about this case four weeks ago in which Ortiz is alleged to have gunned down an Eritrean refugee in Allentown, PA here.   Now, this is the latest news on the case.   From The Morning Call:

The 22-year-old man was mortally wounded from a shot to the neck, but continued running for his life from the man firing at him in an Allentown street last month.

Hagos F. Mezgebo, an African refugee living and working in Allentown, was shot one more time before the life drained out of his body about a quarter-block away.

Enrique M. Ortiz, 25, formerly of Allentown, was later charged with killing Mezgebo, a man he likely didn’t know.

Nine people testified at Ortiz’s preliminary hearing in Lehigh County Court Tuesday, but despite hours of testimony it still isn’t clear what triggered the early Jan. 7 shooting on Fountain Street.


After police released a wanted poster, Ortiz was arrested on Jan. 9 in a car where heroin, cocaine, drug paraphernalia and $2,810 in cash were found. Police also found a 9 mm handgun with a scratched-off serial number under his seat.

Ortiz faces a slew of charges in three separate cases, including homicide, reckless endangerment, simple assault, possession with intent to deliver and weapons violations.

We learned previously that the murdered man, Hagos F. Mezgebo, was resettled in Allentown, PA by Catholic Charities and was one more African refugee working in meatpacking.   I wonder do the meatpackers give a kickback to Catholic Charities or the US State Department for finding them laborers?   Just asking…   Next!