Vietnamese refugee files suit against international corporation Aramark and others

Phuong-Anh Vu claims she was among a group of Vietnamese workers essentially conscripted to work in clothing ‘sweat shops’ in of all places Jordon.  What the heck is going on here?  Why are Vietnamese being told they have to learn to speak Chinese and lured with offers of supposedly good paying work to go to the Middle East!

It is a complicated legal case, good luck trying to sort it out here!

HOUSTON (CN) – More than 100 Vietnamese nationals say they were “assaulted, imprisoned, defrauded, and treated like indentured servants” making clothes for U.S. companies in Jordan, where labor contractors – and the Vietnamese government – lured them with promises of high-paying jobs.

  The workers were starved, beaten, imprisoned at the factory, and at least one died from the abuse, according to the federal complaint.

The workers claim defendant U.S. companies Aramark and Academy Sports & Outdoors were part of an “international human trafficking conspiracy,” as they contracted the factory to make clothes for them.

Back in 2010 I noticed the name Aramark popping up as one of those companies involved somehow with the US Refugee Resettlement program, here and here, but haven’t looked at the company since.  Aramark, by the way, is gobbling up food service contracts at colleges and schools throughout the US.  Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is also in tight with Aramark.

Call me a conspiracy-monger but I see deals between big businesses looking for cheap laborers and government (the US State Department for one!) as a driving force behind efforts to move human beings around the world (LOL! who are the human traffickers here?) and thus as a primary reason we are having such immigration concerns and problems right here in the US.

What is the Jordan connection?  Is Aramark an Arab-owned company?  Does anyone know?

Endnote:  By the way, just cruising around the internet just now I see that even college students are questioning the big corporation—Aramark—that feeds them.  One article that caught my eye was this one—about “greenwashing”—charging that Aramark lies about its “sustainable” food practices.