Former refugee, one of Ft. Dix Six pleads guilty

The first of the Ft. Dix Six will be sentenced in February for his role in the plan to kill soldiers at Ft. Dix, NJ according to this AP story.    Abdullahu is a former refugee who was resettled with his family at Ft. Dix (when it was a refugee receiving center) from Kosovo as a result of the Clinton Administration’s Bosnian war.

A man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to providing weapons to a group of men accused of plotting an attack on a U.S. Army base in New Jersey.


Agron Abdullahu, 25, faces up to five years in federal prison when he is sentenced Feb. 6.


Federal prosecutors have portrayed Abdullahu as having the smallest role among the six men arrested earlier this year in the Fort Dix case. While the others are charged with conspiring to kill military personnel – a crime punishable by life in prison – Abdullahu was charged only with weapons offenses.

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