Is refugee resettlement modern slavery?

What follows is a comment that jumped out at me as I read through the recent comments on the situation in Emporia, KS.   We keep hearing bits and pieces from around the country about unhappy refugees who thought they would enter the good life in America through jobs for which they were trained or well-suited and instead are washing dishes in Florida hotels, or cleaning motels in Arizona, or still worse, packing meat in the Midwest.

As an aside, I have a Chinese friend, an attractive brilliant woman, who had run a company in China, but wanted to live in a free country.  She is now working in a convience store unable to break into any suitable work because she doesn’t have American credentials which she can’t get without attending American colleges which she can’t afford because she works in a convience store.

Here a person identified as only “create” had this to say about Emporia:

I have just finished watching the movie, “Amazing Grace” just out on DVD.

This is the true story of William Wilberforce and his quest to end British slave trade. As I watched this film, I began to put it all in terms of what is going on here in Emporia and other cities all over this country. This isn’t the fault of the Somali people, not hardly. This is the fault of Big Business like Tyson. The Somali people have been victimized by Tyson and other companies like it, just as their African ancestors were victimized by the Big Business Planters of the 18th century. And this is no different than the same kind of slavery going on today, only it’s legal because the Somali people fit into the category of refugees.


In addition, Big Business is victimizing cities like Emporia too as they make their deals with labor contractors like Catholic Charities who are complicit in this entire sham and should also be held accountable as they milk the federal and state funds belonging to the tax payers themselves.


The Office of Refugee Resettlement is also complicit in the legal slave trade. The more I research, the more I realize what is really going on beneath our very noses. So many have been willing to look and study and become informed; however, so many have allowed their bigotry to guide their reactions; so many have looked away, shielding their eyes as well as their faces; and so many have chosen to simply accuse others of racism — they too are complicit. You know what? I’m sick of all this. Not enough to stop, but just plain sick.

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