Notes for the folks in Emporia

I haven’t put Kansas on “Your state” yet but I promised yesterday to get you some information on Kansas and refugee resettlement, so here you go:

Go to the handy database at the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.   You will see statistics such as only 51% of refugees brought to Kansas  in 2006 found employment.  Average pay was $7.86 an hour (can’t take care of a family on that).

For the 2005 ORR Report to Congress go here.  Scroll down to Appendix A for refugee admission numbers by state.

Go to this interesting article at VDare about your Senator’s past role in the Somali refugee issue.

Your local Catholic Charities is a subcontractor of the US Conferance of Catholic Bishops.  Go here , here and here for more information.

We have covered several stories involving Somali “cultural” problems like abuse of women and female genital mutilation.  Go to our coverage here, here, here.

Also, some of you might want to read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s rivoting book Infidel to get a better understanding of Somali Muslim culture.

**** Note to “reservist” a commentor to the Gazette who said,   “Imagine how you would feel if Iraqis or Afghanis started pouring into Emporia tomorrow.”  The Iraqis are coming, maybe not to Emporia yet, but the US is taking 12,000 Iraqi refugees this year and if Sen. Kennedy has his way the number will be even larger.  See our Iraqi category here.  We have posted 49 times on this hot topic!