Europe is in deep trouble, will America follow or stand alone?

I don’t think anyone who has followed recent events in Europe regarding the expansion of Islam would disagree that Europe has a likely tragedy of historic proportions on its horizon.  The crux of the coming nightmare is that for decades European nations have fallen for that old saw that importing cheap labor will save them and their floundering social welfare system.    Predictions are that a combination of rapid and unchecked Muslim immigration and the high birthrates encouraged by adherents of the fundamentalist strain of Islam will be responsible for death-by-demographics for most ethnic Europeans.  The numbers indicate this will be accomplished by mid-century.

What put me in such a pessimistic mood is this lengthy post at Gates of Vienna blog from earlier this week.  It’s an imaginary outline of a civil war in Denmark in the year 2013.   It’s long, but I encourage you all to take the time over this weekend to read and think about it.   You might also run out and get Mark Steyn’s scary (but written with humor, if that is possible), America Alone.

So on that cheerful note, I ask our readers to contemplate the wisdom of our US State Department and their helpers in the volags (non-profit groups) importing large numbers of Somali Muslims, Bosnian/Albanian Muslims, Iranian and Syrian Muslims, Russian Muslims and now Iraqi Muslims.

And, I am going to keep harping on this (I might even put it in every post!), the influential Imam of Georgetown University told a Saudi audience this past summer that he predicts America will have 30 Muslim mayors by 2015.    See our top 10 Countries Hit Parade of Muslim refugees entering the US between 1988 and 2003 here.   (E-mail me for this document, address at right of this page.)

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