The top ten hit parade: Muslim refugees by country of origin

Coming to you from the Refugee Processing Center Report!

 (Muslim Refugees* Admitted to the US for 15 fiscal years up to September 30, 2003 and country of origin)

 10)  Albania    1,233  

  9)  Iran  1,621

  8)  Sudan 1,952

  7)  Sierra Leone  2,510

  6)  Ethiopia  5,639 

  5)  Afghanistan  11,667

  4)  Serbia  14,560

 Now for the top three!

  3)  Iraq  21,760

  2)  Somalia  41,626

  1)  Bosnia/Herzeovina  103,107

* Refugees have access to all forms of public assistance 30 days after arrival in the United States.    Legal permanent residents on the other hand are restricted from welfare for five years.  You can see why a refugee designation is the way to go. 

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