Nuggets from ORR Report to Congress

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We encourage everyone interested in Refugee Resettlement to read through the 2005 Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Report to Congress.   In the meantime, we will bring you an occasional nugget from the report.

According to a table on welfare useage, the number of refugees receiving food stamps has nearly doubled since 2000.   In that year 28.8 % of refugees were on food stamps.  Each year since the number has edged upward and for 2005, the number of refugees on food stamps had climbed to 52.7%.

Will they bring their feuds to America? Part 1

It wasn’t until this week that I’ve given much thought to the downright frightening aspects of multiculturalism.   You know I think we have been so indoctrinated with the idea that diversity is a positive thing and that it means we will be surrounded by interesting foods, customs, and dress, that we don’t give a thought to those aspects of other cultures and religions that are not simply obnoxious but dangerous. 

Today the Washington Post reports on a centuries old custom of “blood feuds” among Albanians.   You should read this shocking story.   We  joke today about the Hatfields and the McCoys and are entertained by TV characters such as the Sopranos, but that is nothing compared to the present day real-life feuds that exist between neighbors and families in this mostly Muslim country.   There are children who don’t attend school for years because of an on-going feud and fear of being shot if they leave their homes.  Even babies can be killed to satisfy those seeking revenge.

…… modern blood feuds generally proceed as follows: A killing takes place, the victim’s family demands blood retribution, then the members of the killer’s family take refuge in their homes — which are considered inviolate under kanun — for at least 40 days and seek forgiveness. If forgiveness is granted or a life is taken in retaliation, the feud ends. Otherwise, the isolation period can continue indefinitely.

Now where did we hear about Albania earlier this summer?   Oh yes, four of the Ft. Dix Six are ethnic Albanians  (3 illegal and one a refugee).   If you recall they planned to deliver pizza and death to as many US military personnel as possible at this Central NJ military base where soldiers do their final training for Iraq.  Ft. Dix had served as a refugee resettlement center for tens of thousands of refugees from the war in the former Yugoslavia (including Albania).

According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement 2005 Report to Congress, the US has resettled 3,660 Albanians with the largest number, 1,333 to New York.   We should consider ourselves lucky that Maryland only got 95!    What makes us think they will bring only the colorful charming customs to America and leave behind the blood feuds?  

Look for Part 2 tomorrow.    Will Muslim sectarian warfare come to rural America?