Iraqi Refugee warning, at the frontdoor and backdoor

The Investors Business Daily yesterday questioned why at a time when the Bush Administration has admitted that Iraqi terrorists are getting into the U.S. by the backdoor–across the Mexican border– Congress is pushing to allow thousands of Iraqi’s in the front door.  

And guess who is sponsoring the Senate bill to add more refugees to our communites?   Senator Ted (Refugee Act 1980) Kennedy.  I wonder how many refugees live in Hyannisport?

…. the bill could become law. It has a companion (S. 1651) in the Senate sponsored by Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. And both are being pushed hard by GOP powerbroker Grover Norquist, a close ally of Karl Rove and founder of the Islamic Institute, a Washington lobby group that has fought for looser Arab immigration.


The bills are being sold as a compassionate attempt to rescue the growing number of Iraqi refugees, including those who have fled to Syria.


But given the shocking news that Iraqis are trying to cross the border to carry out terrorism (and being coached to claim amnesty if they are caught), these bills raise serious security issues and should die in committee.


Resettling genuinely at-risk Iraqis, such as Chaldo-Assyrian Christians, makes sense. But the best way to make sure other Iraqis are safe and secure is to help them fight for their own security there in Iraq.

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Glenn Beck reports on Somali rape case

I’m a fan of Glenn Beck and last night I was especially pleased by his coverage of the Minn/St. Paul Somali refugee rape case.    I can’t believe CNN lets him say the things he does!     Last night he made a very strong case that immigrants are not assimilating and accepting American values, as this example of the dark side of diversity demonstrated.   

Did you know that the U.S. actually put a halt to virtually all immigration from 1924 to  1965?  The reason?   The large waves of immigrants prior to 1924 needed time to assimilate, and so America took a time-out.  It’s past time for another such time-out.