Kurdish gangs in Nashville?

     It gets more amazing every day.   We are simply importing the world’s problems here.  Are we nuts?  We have to stop this insanity!    This isn’t new news to some of you, but every time I see stories like these I am embarrassed by my naivete.    Where are our leaders?   

The Kurds, most of whom are Sunni Muslim, come mainly from Turkey, Iraq and Iran but have their own language and culture. Kurdish immigrants have sought refuge in Nashville since the 1970s, creating the largest community of Kurds in an American city, with about 10,000 members, Karadaghi said. More Kurds fleeing persecution came to Nashville in the late 90′. 


     Now those cute kids we saw in all the warm and fuzzy articles about Refugee Resettlement are growing up.   You can thank your local  government contractor (aka church group) when the kind of crime described in these articles arrives in your city.

 See this VDare article also:   http://www.vdare.com/walker/070719_kurdish.htm

The National Volags (NGO contractors) are listed here.   These are the major government contractors and each then subcontracts to many more.  If you have a name of a refugee resettlement group, you can do a little research at these sites and find out who your major Volag is.    http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/orr/partners/volunteer.htm

In Hagerstown, MD ours is Church World Services.   Virginia Council of Churches is a subcontractor.

“I want to be a doctor”

      Yikes!   A couple of months ago a Muslim refugee proclaiming his wish to be a doctor would have made us feel all warm inside about what America can do for the downtrodden.  Not so today in the aftermath of the UK Islamic “doctors of death” failed terror plot.   Remember the riddle, “those who would save you, will kill you.”

     The Detroit News is reporting today on the first little group (in the new wave) of Iraqi refugees to arrive in the US.    They are a Christian family of 5 (good so far), another family of 8 (religion not specified) and 25-year-old Ismaail Ahmed Hamed formerly of Baghdad and more recently Turkey.

     “I want to be a doctor,” said Mr. Hamed, a Muslim without family.   He refused to tell the reporter whether he was Sunni or Shiia as he headed off to his apartment in Dearborn (aka Dearbornistan).


     As you research the refugees in your city or town, observe how many are single men.  The refugee industry loves to get those heartwarming stories with photos of adorable kids and grateful moms, but a large number of refugees coming into the country are men without families. 

Trumping up persecution charges

      Read the article this week by Thomas Allen at VDare (http://vdare.com/allen/070730_vietnamese.htm

“Why More Vietnamese Refugees–Thirty Years After the War?  Because There’s Money In It, Stupid”

     The article caught my eye because two of my children are Vietnamese and my daughter just returned from spending 7 weeks visiting her extended Catholic family.  She reports that she saw no persecution of anyone for religious reasons and that everyone openly  displayed symbols of their faiths, whether Catholic or Buddhist.   Now that is not to say there isn’t some persecution going on, but isn’t there some everywhere?   As for those who were politcally persecuted for helping America, they are old men and women now.

    She also reported that although poor by American standards, people’s lives were improving from when she was last there nine years ago.

      So, who are these refugees we are now so eager to add to the refugee program?   My guess is that either they are riff-raff, or they are just the sort of people who should stay in Vietnam to rebuild the country—smart, energetic, entreprenurial, pro-democracy individuals.  

      Could it be about the perpetuation of the refugee industry entrenched in the federal bureaucracy and tied to NGO contractors?   See Allen’s piece at VDare and decide for yourself.