More thoughts on Washington Times “No betrayals”

A few days ago we did a post on a Washington Times editorial in support of HR 2265 and S 1651 and said we would have more thoughts later.   I’m slow on my feet, so after a few days of thinking about it, here are my thoughts.    I am madder than hell.  

These bills introduced by among others, Senator Kennedy, do literally open the floodgates for Iraqi refugees to enter the United States—NOW before the war is over!   So, I ask the Washington Times, usually supportive of our military, if they support tens of thousands* of Muslim Iraqis entering the US while our sons and daughters are dying to give them a free country?  The whole process will signal to our military that they are not doing the job of protecting those Iraqis who are helping us.   Those bills undermine the surge.  So who is betraying whom?

How are you going to feel when Muslim Iraqi refugees  live next door on welfare in Harrisonburg, VA,  Warren, MI, Lincoln, NB, or Nashville, TN while you are burying your child,  wife, husband, mother or father?

There may indeed be some Iraqis who need special protection for the work they have done.  They can be supported and protected in the region and return home when the country is stabilized.  There may also be some very serious cases where specific Iraqis and their immediate families would be brought to the US to keep them safe, but that can be done under existing authority.

Iraqi Christians are a whole differant story, but our government leaders and the leftwing organizations promoting this flood of refugees will never put the Christians at the head of the line.

Finally, I have no sympathy for the whining governments of Iran, Syria, Jordan etc. (and their enablers in the worldwide refugee organizations) who are now stuck with 2 million (by some estimates)  refugees from Iraq.  If those countries helped stabilize Iraq, instead of  helping destablize it, those Iraqis could go home.

* The Washington Times has apparently not read the bills or they wouldn’t be asking for the numbers to be even larger.

Please read the Center for Vigilant Freedom analysis of HR2265 and S1651 here.