Slipping through and slipping in with the help of Immigration agents

Today’s Family Security Matters has a very scary story for anyone following immigration issues.  Michael Cutler, a former INS special agent, has written an account of new information revealed at the Washington Times this week.  Cutler’s piece is entitled,  “Bureaucrat ‘insiders’ working for Islamofascists?”  

Quoting here from the Times:

A criminal investigations report says several U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees are accused of aiding Islamic extremists with identification fraud and of exploiting the visa system for personal gain.

And, then Cutler points out:

The bottom line is, as the article noted, a terrorist needs to obtain official immigration status as a means of embedding himself in our country to be able to hide in plain sight.

Today I was on the Gathering Storm radio show and the question of Iraqi refugees came up.  I was asked if they would be adequately screened and if terrorists, disguised as refugees, could slip through immigration.    Yup!

Journalism vs. the internet

Check out this article on American Thinker yesterday.   Although it has nothing to do with Refugee Resettlement per say, it has everything to do with it.    Author Randall Hoven begins with a quote from longtime journalist Marvin Kalb in which Kalb claims the internet will damage journalism’s ability to perform professionally.    Hoven then goes on to list 62 cases of journalistic malfeasance, many of which were exposed by people (non-journalists!) on the internet.

Refugee Resettlement Watch has been up since July 1 and we have had thousands of visitors.   And, as far as we know, there is no other source for information about how this program works (other than the government’s own).     It appears that no journalist ever goes beyond the “Somalis see first snow!” type of story.    We hope we are helping Americans have a better understanding of this community-changing program of the federal government.    Damaging journalism?  My foot!