Cause for Concern

RRW welcomes our guest author “a church planting missionary”: 

I recognize the well intentioned work of ten agencies (Non-Governmental Organizations, or, NGO’s) which oversee resettlement of refugees and immigrants within the United States. The names and addresses of the U. S. Voluntary Agencies may be found at, the web site of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

The motivation of these NGO’s is commendable. They seek to use the resources they have received from donors and government in the most economical way possible in order to accomplish a formidable task. I recognize that most of their efforts are directed towards helping strangers to our land. They assist others, helping them to make their first attempts at understanding our customs and laws. They do this in order that refugees and immigrants ASSIMILATE as quickly as possible and, eventually, become citizens.

However, there has come a challenge facing these not-for-profit volunteer organizations, today, as large numbers of refugees from Iraq, particularly, and certain other countries, are beginning the processes for entry into the country. The challenge facing the NGO’s? Should most of those allowed to come here be Muslim, these are directed by their beliefs to NOT ASSIMILATE into a culture that is not Muslim.

Are the religious organizations among the aforementioned NGO’s aware of this?

One of the most important teachers of Muslims throughout the world – though he is dead – remains Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966). His writings have been widely circulated and one work, “Milestones” (Ma`alim `ala Al-Tariq) and has “been published in well over a thousand editions….” [Religion of Peace: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t, by Robert Spencer (Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2007, p41)]. Spencer notes that Qutb, a “jihad theorist and activist” taught this:

“Islam cannot accept any mixing with Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers]. … Islam cannot accept or agree to a situation which is half-Islam and half-Jahiliyyah. …The foremost duty of Islam in this world is to depose Jahiliyyah from the leadership of man, and to take the leadership into its own hands and enforce the particular way of life which is its permanent feature.” [p41]

Are the NGO’s who represent several faith-based organizations of this land being made aware of these teachings? For the sake of the country, are they made aware by anyone at UNHCR or U. S. Department of State, as to whether or not the proposed refugees and immigrants adhere to the teachings of jihad activists?

These teachings are contrary to the intention of helping refugees and immigrants to ASSIMILATE to the American culture and society. These teachings – if they are followed – are meant to destroy the very culture which would nurture them and the people and government that would help them. Certainly NGO’s which are organized for helping people do not wish to undermine the government of this republic.

These jihad teachings – unless they are disavowed outright – would mock the efforts of people as they help others benefit from the exercise of the rights and values we’ve come to enjoy. These are the same rights and values which have made this country great.

The top ten hit parade: Muslim refugees by country of origin

Coming to you from the Refugee Processing Center Report!

 (Muslim Refugees* Admitted to the US for 15 fiscal years up to September 30, 2003 and country of origin)

 10)  Albania    1,233  

  9)  Iran  1,621

  8)  Sudan 1,952

  7)  Sierra Leone  2,510

  6)  Ethiopia  5,639 

  5)  Afghanistan  11,667

  4)  Serbia  14,560

 Now for the top three!

  3)  Iraq  21,760

  2)  Somalia  41,626

  1)  Bosnia/Herzeovina  103,107

* Refugees have access to all forms of public assistance 30 days after arrival in the United States.    Legal permanent residents on the other hand are restricted from welfare for five years.  You can see why a refugee designation is the way to go.