More details on Somali refugee rape case

I’m under the weather today, so have no energy to analyze this article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on the refugee rape case, but here is an excerpt.  I found it interesting that the “R” word was no where to be found.   Instead, the focus is on the inability of the police to get the Somali’s to report crime, and not on the horrible crime itself.    I  never see a reporter write a thing about how and why these gangs of Somalis came to be here in the first place.

Though the building’s resident manager wouldn’t provide demographic breakdowns, the tenant list in the entryway is dominated by Somali surnames — a segment of St. Paul’s population that police say is often reluctant to report crimes.


That reluctance is of such concern to police officials that Chief John Harrington has been meeting monthly with Somali elders to encourage community cooperation in criminal matters, police spokesman Tom Walsh said Thursday.

In case the link doesn’t work (they want you to register) look for Star-Tribune, “Hallway rape went unreported by neighbors.”   August 24, 2007.

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