Iraqis to Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio has received its first family of Iraqi refugees according to the Columbus Dispatch today.   Sameer, a 37-year-old Sunni Muslim doctor has brought his entire family including his wife, kids, two brothers-in-law in their 20’s and an elderly father-in-law.   The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, one of the top ten volags, played a major role in resettling this family through their local affiliate Us Together (could find no information on this non-profit group).

Read the whole article here.   I bet the mainstream media won’t be reporting the final line in the story.

If the Americans pull out [of Iraq] now, Sameer said, “there will be a slaughter.”

The 2005 Office of Refugee Resettlement report to Congress says this of Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society:

HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, is the national and worldwide arm of the organized American Jewish community for the rescue, relocation and resettlement of refugees and migrants.

Appendix A of the same report says that Ohio has been the destination for 31,409 refugees between 1983 and 2005.