Excuses, Excuses!

Yesterday a reader alerted us to an error I had made in a link.   I really appreciate the heads up on it.   So, for all of you who wanted to see what the American Congress for Truth was saying about Shelbyville go to our post here and you will find the correct link.

So, here is my excuse:  Judy and I do this as volunteers and squeeze it into the rest of our busy lives; consequently we screw-up occasionally in our desire to get something out to you quickly.   We beg you to correct us when you see errors and don’t hesitate to send us stuff we may have missed.

As a matter of fact, a reporter asked me just this week what motivates us to work on this every day for no pay (he didn’t say those last few words but that was behind the question).    Speaking for me, and I think for Judy, we do this because we believe that the only way for citizens to have some say in the future of their communities is for them to be fully armed with facts.   Those facts have been woefully unavailable since the beginning of the Refugee Resettlement program in the early 1980s.   We hope we are providing a good service to folks concerned about what they see happening to their cities and towns regarding this aspect of the gigantic immigration debate going on in America.

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