Illegal alien: We are coming to Maryland

Although this isn’t about refugees, we have from time to time brought you news about what’s happening with the illegal side of immigration in Maryland where we live.  

The immigration issue is without a doubt the hottest topic in the State of Maryland right now.

We can’t say we are surprised by an illegal alien’s assertion that they are on the way, but somehow it’s all more shocking when you see it for yourself.   Before you read on,  go to this CNN news story and watch the film about how the crackdown in Northern Virginia is sending illegal immigrants to the sanctuary state of Maryland.  I’m told that we are now one of only 5 states that give driver’s licenses to illegals.

Next read this informative article in The Tentacle by Steve Berryman entitled, “Casa de Illegals.”  If you recall Mr. Berryman is the spokesman for Citizens for Walkersville who fought hard to keep their rural town rural when the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect sought to develop a large convention facility (for 10,000!) adjoining the town.   We covered that issue extensively here.

And finally, because news is breaking literally hourly on the illegal immigration issue in the State Legislature go to Help Save Maryland, the grassroots group that is leading the effort to bring some sanity to this sanctuary state, and learn how you can help.     Write to Help Save Maryland and ask to be placed on their e-mail list to receive updates on breaking news .

See also this interview with Help Save Maryland director Brad Botwin in The Sentinel.