Special benefits for special immigrants

The State Department began to clarify last week what special benefits would be available to immigrants  from Iraq or Afghanistan admitted to the US under the Special Immigrant Visa program.  Signed into law by President Bush at the end of December, the new law extends benefits that are normally for refugees only to this new class of immigrant.   Go here to see what they are entitled to.

Women Against Shariah has arrived

Our friend Janet Levy has started a blog—an important blog!  It’s called Women Against Shariah and you must read it here.  

Without a doubt one of the most puzzling aspects of the debate about the expanding Islamist agenda is the utter silence of feminists who are otherwise demanding rights for all women.  I guess if the perpetrator is some white male chauvinist pig he is fair game, but by golly they don’t say a word about the brutality some women in the world (and increasingly in America) face under Shariah law and from Muslim men.

Women Against Shariah could not come too soon.   We have a growing number of refugees and other immigrants importing to America practices which all civilized people must reject—polygamy, female genital mutilation, and even honor killings.

Go now and visit Women Against Shariah and check out the informative sidebar on the demands the Koran makes on women regarding their clothing by instructing them on how best to hide their “ornaments.”

And, if you are a blogger add this important site to your blogroll.  Congratulations Janet!

A crime so monstrous

Check out Powerline blog today about a new book by Benjamin Skinner entitled:  “A Crime So Monstrous:  Face to Face with Modern Day Slavery.”   Skinner writes in Powerline about the horror stories then adds this:

And it is a living history of quiet heroism. John Miller, a former Republican congressman appointed to be America’s antislavery czar, zealously cajoled foreign governments—friends and foes alike—to bear their responsibility and free their slaves. At the same time, he battled State Department elites in an attempt to convince them that abolition mattered. Thanks to his efforts, the Bush Administration can boast of the most aggressive antislavery record since Lincoln.


The research quickly shattered many of my internationalist preconceptions. Global abolition is part of the UN mandate. But the UN Human Rights Commission cottoned to genocidal regimes like Khartoum that demanded it expunge the word “slavery” from its lexicon, and certain UN peacekeepers actually participated in the slave trade in countries like Eritrea and Cambodia.

Well, so much for the UN Human Rights gestapo coming to the US to tell us how badly we treat “migrants.”  See Judy’s report on our lack of compassion here

Although come to think of it maybe the UN Human Rights gang should be called in to investigate groups like the International Institute of CT?   Thanks to Richard for the tip.   

Somalis to get a publically funded school in Minnesota?

Your tax dollars: 

Behind Bosnians, Somalis are the second largest group of Muslim refugees to enter the United States since we started keeping those statistics in the late 1980’s.  Their population in American is now way beyond the original 80,000 or so we have admitted because once here refugees can apply to bring extended family and the Somali family is typically very large (polygamy helps boost those numbers).  

Now we are getting word that your tax dollars will build a special school for them in Minneapolis, some are calling it a Madrassa.    Private religious schools in America have a rich tradition and one huge common factor—they don’t take government funds.  I know from personal experience having spent a recent Friday night helping serve spaghetti dinner to 500 at a Christian school fundraiser.   The ACLU would be landing like a big bird on a Christian or Jewish school, so someone call them on this project!

There is no sense me repeating the story when Jerry Gordon over at the ACT blog has done an excellent job on it.   Read about it here.