It’s March 31st, do you know where Matthew Lee is tonight?

 Update April 3, 2008:   Still no sign of Mr. Lee’s monthly report to complain about the Bush Administration not bringing enough Iraqis to the US.   I can only conclude that the numbers were up this month and thus it was not worth reporting.    Or, maybe he is waiting for the big pow-wow tomorrow. 

Time for our monthly Matthew Lee Watch

We are waiting for AP reporter Matthew Lee to tell us how few Iraqi refugees arrived in the United States during the month of March.   The time of his reporting varies slightly.   Last month he posted his story about 8 hours into the first day of the month, but he was early and reported late in the evening of October 31st, so who knows it could be soon!

He will tell us how many Iraqis are in Syria and Jordan, and that we have a moral obligation to bring them to America (even Bush says so!). 

He will tell us that the Bush Administration promised to resettle 12,000 in FY 2008 which began on October 1, 2007.   Then there will be a little subtraction to show how many the Administration will need to bring to fill its quota for the year.

He may make an oblique mention of the fact that Homeland Security and the State Department were in a tussle over security issues.  I guess, by at least mentioning it, he covers his bases, but never goes into much detail about Homeland Security’s concerns about terrorists getting in as refugees.

I would really like to see him find out how many of the refugees coming from Iraq are Christians and how many are Muslim, now that would be an interesting bit of investigative reporting.

If any of you see his report before I do, please comment here and send a link!