I need some computer geek to tell me what is up!

I admit I am completely ignorant about the inner workings of the internet.   Would someone please tell me why I cannot access any link at the Office of Refugee Resettlement?   Every time I try to get to one of the databases or reports there, or in fact even the main page for ORR, I get an error message.    This has gone on for weeks and I even get the error message coming from google.  Am I just incompetent or paranoid (or both!)

I don’t see how it is possible, but tell me, is it possible for someone to block me?   Are any of the rest of you having problems accessing the Office of Refugee Resettlement?

Catholic Charities off the hook in abortion case

We told you previously about how a Catholic Charities employee in Virginia helped an immigrant girl get an abortion.  Technically the underage girl was in the legal charge of the Office of Refugee Resettlement because the whereabouts of her parents is unknown. 

Local Catholic Charities offices that help with refugee resettlement and who take care of minors like this Guatemalan girl are under the umbrella of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, one of the 10 major volags contracted by the federal government to do this type of work.

The story is being widely covered but here is an update this morning from a Catholic publication:

RICHMOND, Virginia, July 9, 2008 The Attorney for the Commonwealth of Virginia says he will investigate, but has no intentions of prosecuting, Commonwealth Catholic Charities of Richmond (CCR) for their involvement in procuring an illegal abortion for a 16-year-old Guatemalan girl in their care.

Only the CCR staffer who forged the consent form for the girl’s abortion will be the subject of Commonwealth Attorney Michael N. Herring’s investigation. The staffer would face a Class 3 misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine for signing a consent form without authority to do so under Virginia law.

“That’s the only possible criminal angle,” Herring told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “I’m not investigating Catholic Charities. I’m looking into the execution of the consent form.”

Here is our original story from last month.