Blog on Iraqi refugees: more questions then answers

We have written 201 posts on the Iraqi refugee situation and still feel like we are not getting the truth, or anything near the accurate story of the supposed “crisis” with Iraqi refugees.   I came across this blog the other day reporting on a first hand account of a visit to the UNHCR office in Jordan.  Now I have even more questions.

First, we have been inundated by the media, especially the Associated Press, telling us how bad the Bush Administration is in admitting refugees from Jordan and Syria.  However, according to this UN office in Jordan, up until sometime in 2007 the UNHCR had not registered very many refugees (the UN is the gatekeeper to refugee resettlement).   As a matter of fact, the blogger here, says that when he entered the UN office he had expected to see a long line of refugees and saw none.

In 2007 UNHCR set a submission target of 7500 Iraqis, they met this target and more with 8062 Iraqis registered and processed. A cumulative total of 4,663 persons have been submitted to these 16 countries.

So, now my question is, if the refugee crisis is so great why had the UN been dragging its feet?

The blogger then reports that he asked the UN employee about the problem of Muslims who have converted to Christianity feeling threatened by revealing that information to Jordanian Muslim officials.  Why haven’t we heard about this before?   And, we have been told over and over again that information was not collected on the religious affiliation of refugees.

I asked about the some of the concerns of the people I have interviewed. One was concerning Muslims who had secretly converted to Christianity. That they were afraid to tell the caseworkers of their conversions, afraid of reprisals as it is illegal in the Kingdom of Jordan for a Muslim to convert. Ziad assured me that anyone giving information about their case had to be forthright and need not fear any reprisals.

The UN employee then tells the blogger that single men are not given priority in resettlement, but that doesn’t fit what we are hearing on this end.   We have reported on many single Iraqi men getting into the US.  So, what is the truth?  Just the other day I reported on the Iraqi refugee who exposed himself and a few weeks back I wrote about two questionable Iraqi young men in the Bay area interviewed on a radio program (the volag representative even said they were resettling single men in California).

I also asked Ziad who was given resettlement priority. He replied that priority was given to; single females, the elderly, children separated from their parents or relatives, and family reunification.

Last, the blogger relates how Jordan is trying to push Iraqi refugees out of that country by imposing fines on those who stay too long.  According to the blogger this has pushed “hundreds of thousands” to Syria.  What the heck?  How come we haven’t heard about this?

Second option: if they choose to leave the fine would be waved. *This may account for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees who have left Jordan for Syria.

Where is Matthew Lee and all the rest of the biased and lazy mainstream media?

Vijay Kumar: biggest threat is demographic conquest

Vijay Kumar is an immigrant from India (see my earlier post here).  He is running for a seat in Congress from Tennessee, and more clearly than anyone I’ve ever heard says what the greatest threat to our way of life is:  demographic conquest by Islamic supremacists.   This is really at the heart of why I write this blog.   Yes, the whole refugee program and in fact our entire legal immigration program is a mess from top to bottom, but the core of what is wrong is our complete lack of any discrimination about who enters the US.  Our reverence for multiculturalism has completely blinded us.

Like Kumar, I grew up on the left, but came to see how the policies of the left were going to kill America.  See the entire interview with Kumar at Frontpage.   I couldn’t decide which portion of this incredible interview was the most important for you to see, this is the one I finally chose:

FP: Who are our enemies?

Kumar: I would say that the true axis of evil is Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. These three have been the primary exporters of Jihadists throughout the world.

But the most important thing is that we have to admit that demographic conquest is the most permanent form of conquest. Therefore, we must support all nations currently struggling with radical Islamic footholds within their societies. The reality is that no place in the world where radical Islam has gained demographic dominance, has it ever been extricated. And it has been its goal for over 1400 years to aggressively spread and multiply by birth or by sword. America needs to openly face up to this reality.

The Islamists are clever. They begin by first exporting their surplus population to free and open societies. Then those immigrants begin to demand ideological tolerance and conformity to their views and then use the democratic process to change the laws. Then what laws they cannot change, is followed by civil disobedience, then unrest, then Jihad, but it was always Jihad even from the innocuous beginning.