Iraqi refugee gets caught exposing himself to undercover cop

As I have said before, I am starting to feel like Refugee Resettlement Watch is the refugee crime blog.  Today Debbie Schlussel (Hat tip:  Blue Ridge Forum) has a post in which she reports that an Iraqi refugee, Waleed Wadie, age 29, has been arrested for exposing himself on the internet to what he thought was an underaged girl.  She was a cop.  Waleed could be deported. 

But wait, didn’t he just get here?  Isn’t he one of the vaunted Iraqi refugees, the ones who have helped America and now fear for their lives?  Isn’t that what the NGO’s say?   Isn’t he one of those Iraqi refugees who we have been assured over and over again by Homeland Security has been thoroughly screened?   Where are his volag handlers?  Did they give him the computer along with his food stamps and subsidized apartment?

Granted there are good Iraqi refugees but be assured we are letting some real scumbags into the country and you aren’t going to hear about it anywhere in the mainstream media or the leftwing blogs or any blogs or other media sources because it is not the politically correct thing to do.

Read the rest of what Debbie has to say here.  Her take is a little differant than ours, but her quandary is understandable.  The refugee story the public is being told by the Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) through their media mouth pieces doesn’t fit the other news from Iraq.    You might ask, since the surge is working, why is there a refugee crisis?   Because it is in the NGO’s interest to create the aura of a crisis.  By doing so they can continue to attack the Bush Administration on the war as well as drum up more paying clients for their refugee resettlement industry.  It’s called a ‘twofer!’

As Judy pointed out this morning when she wrote about the Washington Post and its lazy reporting, the Iraqi refugee issue is NOT what the NGO’s  want you to believe.  Things are improving in Iraq, refugees are returning, the government wants their productive people back, and all the people we are bringing to a neighborhood near you are not deserving of a life in America—take Waleed here as exhibit no.1.

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Shelbyville (again!): Assimilation Somali style

A man believed to be a Somali refugee is in critical condition after he allegedly went on a crime spree after attending a “religious conference” at a mosque in Shelbyville, TN.   Regular readers will recognize Shelbyville as the site of much angst over the arrival of Somali refugees to that southern town ostensibly lured by employment at a Tyson’s meat packing plant.  Residents have complained that the Somalis seemed unwilling to assimilate to life in America.   This week’s incident is reported in the Times-Gazette.

First the Atlanta Somali stole a car (after the religious conference):

According to a report by Shelbyville police officer Josh Leverette, Francisco Carrillo told authorities that Abbas Hussein, who was in town “for a camp” at an East Depot Street location described by Leverette as “possibly a Somalian mosque,” reached into Carrillo’s right front pocket and took his car keys.

Then he is charged with entering a Baptist Church and attempting to sexually assault a woman there (this will really endear the Somalis to their southern neighbors):

Instead, Hussein allegedly took the 1996 Ford Explorer and headed south, where he allegedly entered Center Grove Baptist Church between Estill Springs and Tullahoma about 9 p.m. and allegedly attempted to rape a woman in the building.

Then he stole yet another vehicle and almost ran over a deputy who suffered a foot injury:

Following that incident, Franklin County deputies received a report that a 1999 Ford F-250 had been stolen from Speedy Sak Market north of Estill Springs, with Hussein allegedly leaving Carrillo’s truck behind. The stolen vehicle was spotted by Sgt. Milton Binkley of the sheriff’s department, who attempted to pull it over.

Hussein drove erratically, flipped the truck over while being pursued by police, nearly died, and was flown to the hospital.  Read the whole story by award-winning reporter Brian Mosely.  Don’t forget to read the comments!

In my opinion, this is the critical part of the article:

Lt. Bell told the T-G Thursday that Hussein’s family in Atlanta explained the man had been “attending a religious conference of some kind in Shelbyville.”

I guess they weren’t teaching Somalis about how to assimilate to America at this “religious conference”, so what exactly were they learning there that set him off?     How much do you want to bet that no law enforcement people go to the mosque and ask questions about the meeting content?

P.S.  Where is the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coaliton when you need them?