Chris Coen, friend of refugees, tries to set the record straight

In response to a long forgotten article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Chris Coen, head of the group Friends of Refugees, sent this letter to the editor that is just now being published by the paper—weeks after the original editorial.   That is so typical of the mainstream media, we have seen it up close right here where we live.  If a paper really doesn’t like what you have written they can deep-six it or get away with publishing it long after the readers have forgotten the original controversial article.

Here is his letter in its entirety.   We have had so many of you write to us about the volags and what exactly they are required to do for refugees and how they are paid—this letter begins to answer your questions.

The editorial “Sharing the American spirit” (July 5) states that the assistance Catholic Charities receives for refugee resettlement through the U.S. Department of State is meager and temporary. I know that this is the type of information that the resettlement agencies provide to the public and media, but it is not necessarily true if you consider what Catholic Charities is required to provide to the refugees.

The basic refugee resettlement government contract requires a fairly short list of household items. It does not even include such basic necessities such as phones, an English dictionary, irons, umbrellas, stamps and envelopes, televisions. Of the items that are required to be provided, these (e.g. couches) can all be used items – acquired through donations, found in the garbage, etc. Once Catholic Charities gives the couch, for example, to a refugee, it can then turn to the government to collect a cash equivalent for in-kind assistance. This is via the Matching Grant Program from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. So, although Catholic Charities and its parent, the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops, are already paid to provide these items, they also get to keep half of the money initially doled out by the State Department for each refugee and they then get paid again via the Matching Grant Program.

By the way, if you want to know how much Catholic Charities receives from the government for refugee resettlement, you must add up all the grants and programs from each governmental agency. These can include ownership society grants, marriage initiative grants, faith-based organization grants, community-based grants, individual development account grants, refugee microloans program, etc. The Office of Refugee Resettlement also has Social Services Formula Grants – for employment services (these grants last up to five years), employment assessment services and on-the-job training, English language instruction, vocational training, skills certification, day care, transportation, case management translation/interpreter services, assistance in obtaining employment authorization documents, professional refresher training and other recertification services.

If Catholic Charities is telling you about some “meager” public assistance it gets for refugee resettlement, I think it is not being completely honest.

By the way, the refugee program is supposed to be a “public/private partnership.” How many dollars does Catholic Charities add for each public dollar used? It is supposed to be a charity. Refugee resettlement is supposed to be heavily financed by these charities and not rely mainly on government handouts. These handouts are substantial.

I have highlighted the paragraph above to make the point that no one really knows the full extent of federal and state funding going to “church” volags like Catholic Charities, because as far as I know no one ever puts all these subsidies/grants in one place for the tax payer to see.

Fort Wayne, IN is one of the largest refugee “welcoming” cities in the US.

Honor killing in America

Fox News is presenting a special news report this evening and tomorrow evening entitled:  “Murder in the Family:  Honor killing in America.”    This is a topic we have reported on many times here at Refugee Resettlement Watch.   As the number of immigrants from Muslim countries climb in the United States expect to hear more of this barbaric practice.

Check out this special with Megyn Kelly tonight at 8 p.m.   Here is our archive on the topic.

Tulsa, OK: Food stamp scam in immigrant run store busted

Because this happened with a convenience store where we live, I’ve been keeping an eye on these cases involving food stamp fraud in immigrant run stores (the immigrants involved may or may not be former refugees). 

Here is a report yesterday from Tulsa, OK:

Felony charges were filed Wednesday and Thursday against 16 Tulsans who are accused of fraudulently exchanging food stamps for cash at a Tulsa convenience store.

The charge, trafficking in food stamps, stems from a three-year undercover operation by agents working for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, said George Johnson Jr., DHS’ communication director.

An undercover agent said about 70 charges will be filed by the end of the year against people who are accused of fraudulently obtaining cash through their Access Oklahoma food stamp cards at the A&Zee Quick Stop, 2103 N. Cincinnati Ave.

Johnson said more than $838,000 has been obtained fraudulently through the food stamp program at the store since January 2005.

The store owner and two store clerks were indicted in federal court earlier this year for conspiring to commit unauthorized use of food stamp cards.

The owner, Zobair Enwar Baig, pleaded guilty in May and admitted receiving 50 percent of the dollar amount in transactions. He is scheduled to be sentenced in August.

The clerks, Raffi Akbar Din and Nadeem Mustafi, pleaded guilty and were sentenced to probation earlier this year.

Go here to see our archives on food stamp fraud.

Muslim refugees in Norway causing conflicts, pushing Sharia

Judy posted on this story yesterday here.  However, this morning the International Herald Tribune has a more detailed article about what caused the Muslim on Muslim crime in a refugee center in Norway this week.

On Friday morning, the police arrested five Chechen men, aged 23 to 43, on suspicion of taking part in the 15-minute attack, but Fremstad said it was not clear all the attackers were of the same nationality. Online media reports said the dispute may have grown out of a complaint that a Kurdish boy had bothered two Chechen women inside the center. “Whatever the original cause,” said Superintendent Fremstad, “it was trivial until somebody’s honor got offended.”  [Ed: yup, Muslim honor is all important under sharia]

The center in Vaaler houses some 250 asylum seekers from Russia, Iraq, Iran, Somalia and Eritrea, among other nations, and is one of 70 such facilities in Norway.

Norway is being flooded by refugees from primarily Muslim countries seeking asylum. 

Agnar Kaarboe, communications director of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, said a meeting would be held Friday night at the Vaaler center to try to calm tempers.

Kaarboe said the number of asylum seekers assigned to Vaaler was “defensible,” but he acknowledged systematic overcrowding at centers nationwide following a doubling in the number of asylum applications in the past year.

“The entire asylum reception system is under pressure,” he said. More than 8,000 refugees are now living in centers while their applications are under review. Nearly 60 percent face deportation under current policies. Immigration authorities are seeking to build many additional reception centers, often in the face of local opposition, and have resorted at times to erecting tents to house young male refugees.

Judy asked yesterday, where were the Vikings of old?   Note the one mention above about “local opposition”.  The Vikings must still be around, it’s just that reporters like this one from the International Herald Tribune aren’t telling you much about them.   The mainstream media does not want you to know there is opposition to refugee resettlement.

Finally, the sentence that jumped out at me was this one:

At the Vaaler asylum center in 2005, the police responded to repeated altercations stemming from a demand by several Chechen residents for the imposition of strict Muslim law, or Sharia, at the facility.

This is what this kind of immigration is all about.  Muslims have figured out how to spread themselves around the world playing on the sympathies of western do-gooders by claiming to be poor refugees in order to plant and spread Sharia law to the civilized West.