South African churches have had it with refugees

I’m quickly posting this as I head out of town for a few days.  So, I’ll leave it to you to go to this blog from South Africa and get a feel for what is happening there in the wake of the “xenophobic” riots in the “rainbow nation.”

Here is a portion of one news article linked on the blog:

A second Durban church has washed its hands of a group of refugees left homeless after xenophobic attacks in the city last month, saying it has had enough of their “filthy and dishonest ways”.

A representative of the Greyville Methodist Church, which had housed about 40 Congolese refugees since the violence broke out nearly five weeks ago, Cecil van den Bergh, said enough was enough.

“They have refused to clean up after themselves. The place has become a filthy mess. My staff have been intimidated and threatened. And now we have caught them stealing food and blankets meant for our own pavement people. We were left with no option but to tell them to leave.”

And further down in the article:

“We took these people in gladly. We pooled our limited resources to assist, only to be treated in this way. To be honest, we feel abused,” he said.

Amazing that we never hear this information from the mainstream media.

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