Gay Iranian refugees arrive in Canada

In addition to the stepped up number of Iraqi refugees arriving in Canada (see my previous post), gay Iranians are arriving in welcoming Canada.  From the Toronto Sun today:

Two Iranian lovers who claim they face death in their homeland because they’re homosexuals touched down at Pearson airport last night after being granted refugee status in Canada.

Ali, 32, and Mohammad, 25, a student, arrived in Montreal after a long trip from India and then boarded another flight to Toronto, where they will be staying with friends.


“It took them three years to get here,” said Arsham Parsi, of Iranian Queer Railroad, who helped bring the men here. “Canada is a gay-friendly country and they will be successful here.”

Note to all the leftwingers who invited Ahmahdinijad to Columbia University and defend the form of Islam practiced in Iran,  Shariah law prohibits homosexuality.   It gets my blood boiling when I see these reports in which the reporter is too chicken to say that these men are persecuted because Islam itself calls for their persecution.

Parsi said it’s against the law to practise homosexuality in Iran and the couple could be arrested and sentenced to death.

The UNHCR facilitates the resettlement of homosexuals to the West.

He (Parsi) said his organization has helped more than 60 gay Iranian refugees resettle in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

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