Muslim immigration killing Sweden

Update May 18th:  I’ve lost track of the immigrant-generated crisis in Sweden, but notice that Atlas Shrugs has a good update here.

Last week Transitionland lamented the fact that all refugees couldn’t go to benevolent Sweden where everyone lives in ethnic harmony to be cared for by a cradle to grave social welfare system.   Well, Sweden is reaping the whirlwind for its open door immigration policy.   We saw none of it in our mainstream media, but riots in Malmo, Sweden got violent  recently when an Israeli tennis team arrived for a Davis Cup Match with Sweden.

Read the whole story here.   This is the important part from our standpoint:

But what should have been a shocking loss of social order is not exactly new for Malmö. The city – Sweden’s third-largest, located at the southern tip of the country – has rapidly grown accustomed to such disturbances.

Over a quarter of its resident population is made up of immigrants, many of them from Arab countries; Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon are all in the top 10 countries of origin for immigrants, according to census data.

The writing is on the wall for Sweden, and all of Europe for that matter.   And, as for the “far-left” supporters of radical Islam, once Islamic supremacism has been assured, the naive “far-left” will be discarded like so much trash because Shariah law has no room for the “diversity” the left worships.

Political tensions boiled over in January, when a peaceful pro-Israel demonstration in the center of the city was disrupted by a counter-demonstration of anti-Israel protesters, made up primarily of Muslim immigrants and far-Left ethnic Swedes.

EU and Iraq negotiating return of Iraqis displaced in recent years

Very encouraging news from the Turkish Weekly!    It seems that many Iraqis who fled to Europe in recent years are considering going home to Iraq.  The Iraqi government expects many to return this summer after the school year ends in Europe. 

Iraq is negotiating with the European Union on a proposed memorandum of understanding to combat illegal immigration and repatriate Iraqi refugees willing to return home.

At least one European Union country, Germany, is helping pay for the program called “incoming generation.”

Iraqi Migration and Displacement Minister Abdul-Samad Sultan told RFE/RL’s Radio Free Iraq (RFI) that Iraq has received 10 million euros ($12.5 million) from Germany in support of the ministry’s “incoming generation” program designed to help returnees reintegrate into Iraqi society.

He pointed out that in Denmark alone more than 300 Iraqi refugees wish to return and are awaiting money from the program to do that.

Sultan told RFI that the summer months are expected to see Iraqi refugees returning en masse from neighboring countries as the school year ends.

Hey, we need a plan like this one!  As I said in a previous post, lets get together an airlift home for any Iraqis unhappy with their life in America.  I don’t know it for sure, but unlike Boise, I bet the economy is booming in Baghdad.