What would Muslims do without the Ku Klux Klan?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke to a group in Palm Beach the other day, and the fair and balanced reporter made sure to get both sides of the story. Ali is the brave Somali refugee who broke with Islam, became a member of the Dutch parliament, and ended up here in the U.S.

In his introduction to her talk, Winston Churchill, a Palm Beach resident and the British prime minister’s grandson, called her “quite the most courageous woman it’s ever been my privilege to meet.”

Some aspects of her biography have been disputed, and her political views are controversial.

There are two schools of thought in the West regarding Islam, she said. One says that radicals have hijacked Islam and that peaceful co-existence is possible with adherents of the faith.

Ali subscribes to the second point of view.

“Islam is not a religion of peace,” she said. “It’s a political theory of conquest that seeks domination by any means it can.”

In her opinion, European society is in danger of being hijacked by a rapidly growing population of Islamic immigrants, who lack the means or the inclination to assimilate and are supported by Muslim nations in their efforts to undermine their host countries.

But this isn’t really a report of Ali’s speech; it’s apparently a forum on Islam. So:

But John Ederer, imam of the Islamic Foundation of South Florida, said Ali is ascribing the teachings of fringe elements to all Muslims.

“… I can say with certainty that poor Ayaan is a victim of some men who call themselves Muslims but are not in accordance with our 14-century-old legacy of authentic scholarship,” he said in a statement. “It is their lack of knowledge of the ‘fundamentals’ of Islam that would have them interpret a few texts to hold such unorthodox beliefs and practices.

“No doubt Ayaan and the people who affected her thinking can bring you a few verses of the Koran or sayings of the prophet Muhammad to prove their point. The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacy groups can do the same with the words of the Bible to convince a commoner of their ideology.”

Ah, yes, that handy old Klan. And those dumb commoners. What the heck is a commoner in the United States anyway?  Never mind, as long as both sides are presented it doesn’t matter.

Iraqi doctors headed home to Iraq in large numbers

Here is a brief article from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that informs us that thousands of Iraqi doctors are feeling it is safe enough to return to Iraq and the government is offering incentives for their return as well.  That is good news because God knows Iraqis generally are wasting their skills working at menial jobs as refugees in the US.

It is short so here is the whole article:

BAGHDAD — Thousands of Iraqi physicians have returned home in recent months as security has improved, a senior Iraqi official has said.

Speaking to Radio Free Iraq (RFI), Kamal Naeem, the general inspector at Iraq’s Ministry of Displacement and Migration, said that about 5,000 doctors have returned to Iraq from abroad and their employment is under discussion at the ministries of health, interior affairs, and defense.

According to Naeem, Iraqi physicians abroad who are unable to return home due to contractual obligations in their host countries have an opportunity to visit Iraq on a regular basis to perform complex surgery and other procedures when necessary.

He also said that his Ministry regularly sends delegates to the countries hosting Iraqi refugees to inform them about the incentives, including cash grants, housing, and employment, offered by the Iraqi government for those who decide to return.

Supporters of Saudi school show their power in Virginia

Although this isn’t an issue we have followed here, I wanted to post it to show solidarity with the handful of activists who sought to halt expansion of a Saudi government school whose practices and policies have come into serious question in recent years.   And, I want to be sure the story is part of our “stealth jihad” category.

This article by Jeffrey Imm posted on The New Media Journal is entitled, “Bullies Pack Meeting in Support of Islamic Institution.”   Hat tip:  Robert.

Imagine facing the overwhelming odds of fighting for equality in Islamic supremacist Saudi Arabia or in the 1960s-era white supremacist Mississippi.

These were the same odds faced by a handful of activists in challenging the estimated 600 supporters of the Islamic Saudi Academy at Northern Virginia’s Fairfax County Planning Commission on the night of March 18, 2009. Many hundreds of the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) supporters wore printed name tag badges reading “I Support ISA,” including ISA’s logo containing the emblem of Saudi Arabian government with its two crossed swords.


At the government public meeting, the Fairfax County government board auditorium was packed by Islamic Saudi Academy supporters beyond capacity with dozens standing in the aisles and corridors, as it sought to show its clout to Northern Virginia’s Fairfax government. It was an event that most Fairfax residents were unaware of, but the Saudi Arabian-backed institution’s supporters were well organized to demonstrate their power in Virginia.

Read it all.  You can’t even take a Bible into Saudi Arabia, imagine if we asked for a Christian school there!

Missing Somali “youth” seen shopping at the mall; maybe, maybe not

Fox News has a new story yesterday that is pretty much the old story we reported here last week that said FBI sources say some of the missing Somali youths are back in town after ostensibly attending terrorist training in Africa.

Yesterday’s story adds this new bit of information:

One month later [January], a 22-year-old man who traveled to Somalia was spotted at a Minneapolis shopping mall, according to Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul, Minn. Jamal would not identify the man, but said family members had confirmed that the man had returned from Somalia.

But no one has seen or heard from the man or his family in recent weeks, according to Jamal, who said the man may have been arrested or may be hiding with his family.

This new news may or may not be true, consider the source—Omar Jamal.  Fox News and all these other mainstream news outlets need to find some fresh sources.   I want to remind readers that we have written extensively on Jamal, convicted of immigration fraud in 2005.    He was ordered deported but obviously that never happened.    One reader told me that we don’t deport people to countries undergoing massive civil war, as in Somalia, however, if true, we deported this poor woman to Somalia recently.

Using our search function for ‘Omar Jamal’  I found these posts (pages of them).  Note how often he turns up in all sorts of Somali-related stories from legalizing khat, to our lousy education system, to defending rapists and gang violence, to the Colman/Franken race and of course to terrorism.  Perhaps his most perplexing statements involved the Denver Cyanide death case in August.   That case, now completely hushed-up, involved the cyanide death of a Canadian Somali man in a hotel in Denver in advance of the Democratic National Convention.  He had enough cyanide to kill hundreds.  Omar Jamal jumped in to control the news!  Here is what I said in August:

Now, here is what jumped out at me from this “jumbled” story. Why the heck is the head of the Somali Justice Center of St. Paul, MN involved in all this? Note in these two stories here and here, that Omar Jamal is manipulating the news. He doesn’t know Diri, a Canadian, but is yakking it up with Diri’s family and being quoted authoritatively that Diri was not involved in terrorism, that he was just a schizo, and the lazy mainstream media reporters eat it up!

So, maybe or maybe not, a missing “youth” was spotted at the mall.

Drug-resistant TB on the rise in immigrant communities

Although numbers of cases of active Tuberculosis ( TB) have declined, health officials are worried about the increasing number of cases of drug-resistant TB they are seeing.    Refugees are permitted to enter the US with latent TB. This is one of the problems we have mentioned involving refugees who are not tracked by the volags (government-contracted resettlement agencies) or federal or state government in as soon as 3 months after their arrival in the US.

From Newsmax (hat tip Blulitespecial):

SAN FRANCISCO — Even as tuberculosis rates decline in the United States, drug-resistant strains of the disease showing up in states with large immigrant populations and are becoming increasingly hard to treat.

Researchers are concerned about this trend while funding for labor-intensive disease control programs is being cut in cities such as San Francisco, which has the highest TB rates in the country.

Drug resistance develops when patients start feeling better and interrupt their treatment, giving bacteria an opportunity to develop a defense against the medication.

The picture is grim, and World TB Day on Tuesday is an attempt to raise awareness of a disease that infects about 9 million people, particularly in Asia and Africa. About five percent of those patients are immune to the best drugs. About 2 million die annually.

Immigrant communities in states such as California are particularly vulnerable because many people are foreign born or travel frequently to countries where TB is a greater risk, such as Mexico, India and China

California leads the nation with 2,696 TB recorded cases in 2008_ and with 451 cases of drug-resistant TB identified between 1993 and 2007. About 83 percent of these drug-resistant cases involve immigrants born abroad.

If you are thinking, oh well, that is California, think again.   We began our coverage of TB in immigrant communities when we first read about Ft. Wayne, IN and its financially strapped health department here.   Check out our health issues category for lots more on TB.

Now, I am not saying we are Africa yet, but go back and read this post I wrote last June about the South African “prison” for drug-resistant TB patients.   What else can be done with these people?