Missing Somali “youth” seen shopping at the mall; maybe, maybe not

Fox News has a new story yesterday that is pretty much the old story we reported here last week that said FBI sources say some of the missing Somali youths are back in town after ostensibly attending terrorist training in Africa.

Yesterday’s story adds this new bit of information:

One month later [January], a 22-year-old man who traveled to Somalia was spotted at a Minneapolis shopping mall, according to Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul, Minn. Jamal would not identify the man, but said family members had confirmed that the man had returned from Somalia.

But no one has seen or heard from the man or his family in recent weeks, according to Jamal, who said the man may have been arrested or may be hiding with his family.

This new news may or may not be true, consider the source—Omar Jamal.  Fox News and all these other mainstream news outlets need to find some fresh sources.   I want to remind readers that we have written extensively on Jamal, convicted of immigration fraud in 2005.    He was ordered deported but obviously that never happened.    One reader told me that we don’t deport people to countries undergoing massive civil war, as in Somalia, however, if true, we deported this poor woman to Somalia recently.

Using our search function for ‘Omar Jamal’  I found these posts (pages of them).  Note how often he turns up in all sorts of Somali-related stories from legalizing khat, to our lousy education system, to defending rapists and gang violence, to the Colman/Franken race and of course to terrorism.  Perhaps his most perplexing statements involved the Denver Cyanide death case in August.   That case, now completely hushed-up, involved the cyanide death of a Canadian Somali man in a hotel in Denver in advance of the Democratic National Convention.  He had enough cyanide to kill hundreds.  Omar Jamal jumped in to control the news!  Here is what I said in August:

Now, here is what jumped out at me from this “jumbled” story. Why the heck is the head of the Somali Justice Center of St. Paul, MN involved in all this? Note in these two stories here and here, that Omar Jamal is manipulating the news. He doesn’t know Diri, a Canadian, but is yakking it up with Diri’s family and being quoted authoritatively that Diri was not involved in terrorism, that he was just a schizo, and the lazy mainstream media reporters eat it up!

So, maybe or maybe not, a missing “youth” was spotted at the mall.

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