Newsbusters suggests pro-Muslim bias by most media in Somali shoot-up case

On Saturday night, three Minneapolis Somali guys wanted to attend a party in a trailer park and when they were told they weren’t welcome they went back to their car, got a gun and shot up the trailer leaving a bunch of people wounded.  That’s the gist of the story.  However, Newsbusters has noticed that almost all media reports on the weekend shoot-up left out the names of the perps even though none are minors.

Here is something that you NewsBusters fans can help me with because I am having difficulty deciding what is going on with this one. We have a shooting incident in Minnesota perpetrated by three Muslim Somali immigrants but for some reason almost every single media report about the incident omits the names of the shooters, names of obvious North African or ethnic origin. So, the question is, did the Old Media in Minnesota purposefully leave the names unreported so that they could cover up the fact that the criminals were Somali immigrants? And, if so, why would they do this?


Even the Associated Press skips naming the perpetrators.

It isn’t until the Saint Paul paper, the Pioneer Press, covers the story that we get the names of the “three suspects.” It turns out those jailed by Lakeland police were “Mohamud Ahmed Hassan, 19, and Hamad Ahmad Issak, 21,” and that a teen named Jibril Farah Mohamed who was connected to them. Jibril Farah Mohammed was released without being charged.

Why is it that only one news source listed the names of the arrested? Was it because the perpetrators were Somalis?

One commenter named ‘ekslib’ answers succinctly:


Then here is a comment from ‘No jelly’* I found interesting:

Actually, if you give it some thought, the more dangerous people in this scenario are the mindless do-gooders who dump these criminals on our city streets sans any education, english, or prior criminal history investigated.

Somalis, Hmong, Bosnian, all given arbitrary “refugee” status (oh yes, that word is now rendered to meaningless pap), a car, a place to live in a strange yet American city, and a whole populace of unsuspecting victims upon which to pounce. The benevolent perpetrator of this criminal onslaught? Lutheran Social Services, for one. They neither have a clue nor want one regarding the thugs and terrorists they inflict upon us, and the government turns a blind eye…

Violent crime rates in relatively small communities like Fargo are skyrocketing, and the names in the police blotters are un-pro-nouncable.

Go to the Newsbusters link above, read the whole story and throw in your theories.

*’No jelly’ must be from Fargo.  If anyone knows him or her, we would like to know if any refugees participated in the sand bag operation there that Judy reported on yesterday, here.

 For new readers, the US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.

Three women on the Alinsky/Obama strategy

In the last few days, a troika of well-respected conservative women writers have delved into the Alinsky school of political organizing for a bit more analysis of how Saul Alinsky influenced Obama and what it means for the future of America.    Makes me wonder if Rules for Radicals is jumping off the shelves at Amazon these days.

First, last week we saw this post by British author Melanie Phillips (author of Londonistan, one of our recommended books), entitled “Ruling by a Radical” in which Phillips discusses Obama’s group “Organizing for America.”

Then on Friday,  Diana West, in a post entitled “Beware of Boring Language”  and quoting from Andrew McCarthy at National Review On-line who discusses Alinsky’s strategy on use of language, tells us to do whatever it takes to stay awake!

This morning Kyle-Anne Shiver, developing into the expert on the Alinsky method, posts this at American Thinker.  See “The Obama we knew but denied.”

I’m posting these links because I want to continue to build our “community destabilization” category in which we have been collecting information on how Saul Alinsky’s plans for “changing” America are coming about through his star pupil, Barack Obama.

And, what does this have to do with the subject of this blog?  Everything!  You can’t transform America into a socialist country without masses of seething and demanding “have nots,”  or get sympathy for expanded government programs without sob stories for the mainstream media to report.    We were running out of angry poor people of our own, so now we import them!

Don’t believe me, just ask the SEIU.

Special gym times to accommodate Somali women

This is a good time to re-read an article we posted last September from reader Avi in which he tells us about the quiet jihad in Minnesota.   Although it may seem innocuous  to some of you, here is an article from AP about special accommodations in a community center in Minneapolis for Muslim girls, prohibited supposedly by Islam to be seen by men without head coverings and long dresses. 

MINNEAPOLIS – Nearly every day, Somali boys and young men gather at the Brian Coyle Center in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood to shoot hoops in the gym.

But there are times when the boys are locked out — and the gym is set aside just for the girls.

In a single-sex environment, the high school students and young women can learn basketball, cut loose a little, and they don’t need to wear scarves and long skirts for religious modesty.

I’m not opposed to some single-sex opportunities for meetings, classes, gym times, but I wonder whether they can do it for specific religious reasons.  Could a group of Catholic girls ask for the same privilege?   I don’t know.

The Brian Coyle Center

This center located in the Cedar-Riverside section of Minneapolis  (same neighborhood where some of the missing youths resided) has figured many times in posts we have written.  It was the location where community meetings were held to discuss the murders of Somali youths in gang violence nearby, it was involved in questions about voter fraud on Nov. 4th,  and its director testified recently at the Senate hearing on Somali terrorist recruitment.

The Brian Coyle Center is funded by a supposed non-profit group Pillsbury United Communities.   The PUC employs 200 full and parttime staff, but like virtually all non-profits these days gets taxpayer funding.   Its 2007 Form 990 lists government grants of $3,427,318, about a quarter of its approximately $12 million in funding for that year.   Can they take public funding and then allow special religious accommodation in a public facility?   Does anyone know?

An aside:  We hear so much these days about the Obama Administration bringing socialism to the business community, but while we were all busy running our lives, these leftwing non-profits (like PUC) have gradually begun receiving taxpayer funding.  The line between government and leftwing policy promoters is gone, and adding insult to injury we pay for it!

NPR reported that four missing Somali youths are believed to have returned

Here is a report from Friday (when I was away) from National Public Radio telling us that it is believed that four missing Somali youths have returned to Minneapolis (presumably from Africa and terrorist training), but have mysteriously disappeared from sight again.

NPR has learned that as many as four of the travelers have come back to the U.S., and NPR’s Dina Temple-Raston, who has been reporting on this unfolding story for months, tells Renee Montagne that the men have been seen around the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, where the Somali community in the Twin Cities is centered. Sources in the community said it now appears the young men have gone underground.

I don’t buy this story that they just reappeared in their neighborhood.  If they arrived by plane from abroad somewhere they would have been picked up right at the airport. I’m still theorizing that some may never have left the country, but then the question becomes, where have they been?