Three women on the Alinsky/Obama strategy

In the last few days, a troika of well-respected conservative women writers have delved into the Alinsky school of political organizing for a bit more analysis of how Saul Alinsky influenced Obama and what it means for the future of America.    Makes me wonder if Rules for Radicals is jumping off the shelves at Amazon these days.

First, last week we saw this post by British author Melanie Phillips (author of Londonistan, one of our recommended books), entitled “Ruling by a Radical” in which Phillips discusses Obama’s group “Organizing for America.”

Then on Friday,  Diana West, in a post entitled “Beware of Boring Language”  and quoting from Andrew McCarthy at National Review On-line who discusses Alinsky’s strategy on use of language, tells us to do whatever it takes to stay awake!

This morning Kyle-Anne Shiver, developing into the expert on the Alinsky method, posts this at American Thinker.  See “The Obama we knew but denied.”

I’m posting these links because I want to continue to build our “community destabilization” category in which we have been collecting information on how Saul Alinsky’s plans for “changing” America are coming about through his star pupil, Barack Obama.

And, what does this have to do with the subject of this blog?  Everything!  You can’t transform America into a socialist country without masses of seething and demanding “have nots,”  or get sympathy for expanded government programs without sob stories for the mainstream media to report.    We were running out of angry poor people of our own, so now we import them!

Don’t believe me, just ask the SEIU.

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