Elissa works for the International Rescue Committee in Thailand

I’ve taken down this post because I do believe that Elissa or any young (or old) woman should not be posting her photo and location in Thailand.   I continue to be shocked that the IRC doesn’t instruct its employees to be more careful about personal details. 

My apologies to readers who arrive here and wonder what all the comments below are about.  Also, Elissa’s post (not including the personal information) gave us an interesting insight into the selection process for refugees coming to the US and I am sorry you won’t be seeing that.

I know it’s fashionable to believe that everyone in the world will love you and be grateful for your good works, but I have no hesitation in saying I have a great fear for the rapidly expanding Islamic extremists (not to mention your run of the mill sex slavery rings) in Thailand and what they are capable of. 

Not every Burmese refugee is sweet and grateful, although I expect 90% are.  We have heard first hand information of Burmese Muslims lying their way into the camps in Thailand.  Some make it to the US.  Here I refer to the now-buried story of the Burmese refugee raping and murdering a little girl in Salt Lake City last year.

Call me scared for Elissa and for us!

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