‘Progressives’ badger Japan on the Rohingya issue

Poor Japan, one of the few countries* left in the world that wants to maintain its unique culture and strictly control immigration and its borders, is now constantly under attack by groups supposedly motivated by pure humanitarian concerns.   I say supposed because I believe these are really far left ‘progressives’  and elitists who ultimately seek a borderless world.   Here is the latest assault, posted on the Rohingya Info Corner:

(Tokyo) – Japan’s new administration should protect Burmese Rohingya asylum seekers in Japan and press Burma to end abuses against the minority group, eight Japanese and international organizations said today. The groups sent a joint letter to the newly inaugurated justice minister, Keiko Chiba, and foreign minister, Katsuya Okada.

“Tokyo’s silence sends a message to Burma’s generals that their horrendous persecution of the Rohingya can continue,” said Kanae Doi, Tokyo director at Human Rights Watch. “Japan’s new government should urgently review its policies to protect the Rohingya both in Japan and in Burma.”

Apparently there are 110 Rohingya asylum seekers in Japan wanting refugee status.  This letter says they arrived in Japan by air.  Now, how on earth did abjectly poor Rohingya Muslims get the airfare money to get to Japan?  And, don’t you just love the phrase “made their way!”  Could this have been a set-up?   I don’t doubt that for a minute.

The organizations urged Chiba to rescind deportation orders that would return asylum seekers to Burma and to grant Special Residential Permits to Rohingya in Japan. Over the past decade, more than 110 Rohingya have made their way to Japan, mainly by air, and petitioned the Japanese government for asylum. While there have been no reports of forcible repatriation of Rohingya asylum seekers to Burma, many Rohingya in Japan have been denied refugee status, detained, and issued deportation orders.

Here are the ‘progressive’ groups planning action in Tokyo today:

The letter was signed by Amnesty International Japan, Arakan Rohingya Organization-Japan (JARO), and the Lawyers’ Group for Burmese Refugee Applicants, the Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan, the Christian Coalition for Refugee and Migrant Workers (CCRMW), the People’s Forum on Burma, BurmaInfo, and Human Rights Watch.


The eight organizations will hold a public event today in Tokyo around the report and the treatment of Rohingya asylum seekers in Japan.

Progressives use buzz words like ‘social justice’ which we are learning is code for far left political organizing.  I wanted to find out more about this group Christian Coalition for Refugee and Migrant Workers (CCRMW) and couldn’t find much except a tiny mention of them as a ‘progressive’ Christian group.  I then did come across the wikipedia definition of  Progressive Christianity which I found interesting, and I believe you will too when you think about the ranting of Obama’s Marxist pastor, Rev. Wright.  Liberation theology, according to this article, is one of the streams of religious thought that led to Progressive Christianity.

If you would like to see more posts on how Japan is being badgered, just use our search function for ‘Japan.’

* I reported yesterday that France is now belatedly trying to recover its French culture after being swamped by immigrant Muslim cultures for decades.

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