FY2009: How many refugees did we resettle and from what countries?

Just now I was looking for the statistics on the number of Cuban refugees we have resettled recently for another post I’m working on, and see that this website, The Cultural Orientation Resource Center*, has updated its numbers for the close of fiscal year 2009 which ended September 30th.

Here is the site, you might enjoy going over the numbers.  We resettled a total of 74,652 refugees.   I see we brought 730 Palestinians—that is new.  We’ve brought only a handful in prior years.  We are back in the thousands of Somalis, and the top sending countries are Iraq, Burma and Bhutan (really Nepal).

*After searching around I learned that the Cultural Orientation Resource Center is a program of the Center for Applied Linguistics which can be found here on USA Spending.gov.  I bring this to your attention to show how your tax dollars are distributed to the most arcane projects and programs and to make my point that refugees are big business—well, government-funded business that is!

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