Man charged with rape after Muslim “marriage” to an underage girl

Presumably this guy is an American Muslim convert and not an immigrant, but the article doesn’t tell us about the alleged rapist’s ethnicity nor that of  his “bride.”   This is a prime example of the stealth jihad on-going in America today—they just keep pushing the envelope in hopes of changing American law and culture.   Thankfully authorities in Kansas City weren’t buying it!  Hat tip:  Blulitespecial

From the Kansas City Star:

Vincent Mosby signed a marriage contract and paid a dowry in a religious ceremony in August, police said.

Mosby, 23, of Kansas City didn’t legally wed his 14-year-old bride, however, because Missouri law won’t allow it without a judge’s order. Police said she was pressured into the union because her mother and stepfather thought she was going to be sexually active with a boy her age.

Although the bride’s stepfather arranged the “marriage,” according to court records, other relatives frowned upon the union and told police in late August. The relatives also took the girl to protect her from further sexual abuse, according to court records.

A relative told police that Mosby called and threatened violence if family members didn’t “give me back my wife in 72 hours,” according to court records. Two days later, on Sept. 9, someone fired three shots into the Kansas City home of the girl’s aunt. No one was hit.

Let’s see, daughter might have sex with young boyfriend,  parents fear that,  so parents find a man ten years older to take part in a sham marriage so the man can then come over to the house from time to time for sex.

Police said the girl’s stepfather and mother became concerned that she was going to become sexually active, so the stepfather allegedly approached Mosby about marrying the girl. The girl was “strongly encouraged” to wed Mosby, police said.

The stepfather, Mosby and the teen had several “sit downs” before the stepfather arranged for a religious ceremony on Aug. 4 at her home, not far from the stepfather’s mosque.

Two members of the mosque attended, but the bride “was not allowed to be present,” court records said. She waited in her room upstairs. Her stepfather allegedly came upstairs after the ceremony, which consisted of prayers and a contract signing, to announce that she was married.


Court records said the couple had sex three times in August in her home, while her mother and stepfather were home. The girl did not move in with Mosby. She stayed with her parents and kept in touch with Mosby through phone calls and text messages.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how many other illegal Muslim “marriages” are happening in the US with the young girl staying at home but being ‘available’ for her hubby?  This story would not have even come to light if concerned relatives hadn’t been brave enough to intervene.

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